Skin Tone Type Quiz

This quiz will help you identify what type of skin tone you possess. It is important to know the skin tone type for when going out and buying sunscreen.

When armed with the knowledge of your skin tone you can do a better job of protecting yourself from the sun. It is important to stay protected because of the harmful effects the sun can have on the skin.

Created by: Core of smgcore
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  1. What is your eye color?
  2. What is your natural hair color?
  3. Your natural skin color (before sun exposure) is?
  4. How many freckles do you have on unexposed areas of your skin?
  5. How does your skin respond to the sun?
  6. Does your skin tan?
  7. How deeply do you tan?
  8. How sensitive is your face to the sun?
  9. When did you last expose your body to sun (or artificial sunlamp/tanning cream)?
  10. Did you expose the area to be treated to the sun?

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