Silver Woods Love (part 2)

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Hey guys! This is my quizzzzzzz!!!!!!!!!!!! I worked really hard on it and I hope you like it, so many people do these kind of quizzes, and I love writing stories,

I wanted to do one like it, I think I did a good job and i hope you think so too. I love tacos by the way. Remember that squirrels are people too, people with buck teeth and bushy tails! dont judge!

Created by: twibrite

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  1. You wake up early in the morning, around 6, (sorry for all of the non-morning people out there! Deal with it!) you stretch, \(^0^)/, and put on,
  2. You walk down stairs and all of the guys are starng at you, even tanner! Caleb finally manegs to speak and he says, (I decided to let you use your own name!) "----, we decided to let you train with Tanner today." Tanner quickly looks down blushing.
  3. You finish eating and Tanner leads you outside to a forest, down a path and to a clearing with a stream. He turns around and says...
  4. "Lets begin, I control Water, and Im going to tach you basic water defenses and ofenses, just the basics, becaus that's how much non-water users can learn." He has the most gorgeous english accent youv'e ever herd! He gets in front of you and starts showing you how to use water the rest of the day.
  5. You guys are about to begin walking back to the house. Tanner is in front of you and you bend down to the stream and splash him with water. He turns around and throws his hand up, a jet of water sprays you in the back. You guys splash fr a while and finally sit down, you guys are both soaked. He looks up at you and he says, "Oh, there's one more thing I have to talk to you about." "Ok." "Trevor."
  6. "Who's Trevor?" you ask. "He was my brother, but not anymore." "Why do I need to know about him?" "He is the leader of the Rephriam. He wants you as much as we do, but he could get you faster than we can. "What do you mean?" "His power, is compulsion. If you ever see him, you CANT look in his eyes.Ok?" "Ok you agree. and you two go back up for dinner.
  7. Ok, after dinner you go up to your room and change into your pjs, your sitting down reading when you hear a knock on the door. Who is it?
  8. (me-you guessed correctly! hehe! >;)) You go to open there and its a guy youve never seen before, he looks exatly like Tanner, except his hair is dirty blonde, and his eyes, his eyes are saphire blur. You immeadeatly remember what tanner said and are about to scream when you look up....
  9. Yup! He cathes your wild stare! he smirks in triumph, and at first you dont know hy, then you realize you cant look away, and you cant scream. Your tounge feels like it hasa ten pound brick on it. All you can see are his eyes. You feel like your drowning in a saphire blue pool. You hear the words, (in the same english accent as Tanner of course! hehehehe!) "Finally, you are mine, dont try to resist, you wont win, and as soon as my power takes full control, you wont want to!" He smirks again, and continues, "What bloody fun this is! Now sleep." he finishes with a deeper commanding voice, and you automaticly start to fall unconsious, the last thing you feel is strong arms picking you up, and those eyes....then beautiful blackness.
  10. Soooo......who do you love!?!?!?!
  11. Come back for part 3? rate and comment plese!
  12. oh, and by the way, this isnt one of those quizes where the boys rescue you right after the bad guy shows up, I warn you, you will spend time with trevor, alot of time with Trevor, because he can control the boys too, just not all at one time, and something bad either will happen or almost happen.

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