Thanks to all of you people. :)

Thanks to all of you people. :P

Created by: Blahh45

  1. Hi! This is a shoutout quiz to all awesome GTQ people that I know of, and can remember.
  2. First off I would like to thank the only few people who have taken my quizzes. @aadee, you're awesome, and @stormwolf, you is awesome too, but could you comment more?
  3. Also thank you to the only person who comments on all of my quizzes. Once again, give a round of applause for *drumroll* @aadee!! Her ideas are awesome, and she always seems to know what's going, even when I occasionally don't.
  4. Also I would like to thank the many GTQ Hogwarts life quizzes that I have read!
  5. First, is the first GTQ series I have read. @natuhleegayle! Unfortunately people kept stealing her ideas so she left before finishing her series. ='(
  6. Also @hp4evr
  7. @funniebunnie01
  8. @cossipatno (I think I spelled that right. If not she wrote 'The Girl Who Lived)
  9. @Aria
  10. @vulturmonem
  11. The author of Romance at Hogwarts Before Harry Potter (paraphrased the title, sorry)
  12. 5th marauder. And more! Sorry, I can't remember the rest. ='( anyway, if you can think of any, give me names of more Hogwarts story quizzes!
  13. Thanks to all you awesome people that read my quizzes and that were mentioned! You people made me want to write my own quizzes and I really need some co-writers at times! Thanks

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