Shouting out the winner!!!

Are you ready for the winner? Cause if you are, take this fun but nerve wrecking quiz! Do you think you won? Because you might have!!! Who knows?!?!?!

Get ready because I will announce the first one that got my middle name right. I could be you! You never know! So get comfy in your seats. If you won, get ready for this treat!

Created by: DogsLover

  1. Hello! I will announce who won the guess my middle name!
  2. Do you want to know who the winner is?
  3. Are you sure?
  4. If I tell you, do you promise not to get mad?
  5. I will tell you what my middle name is first, than I will tell you the winner.
  6. Well my middle name is a season.
  7. Are you ready for the results?
  8. I CAN'T HEAR YOU!!!
  9. My middle name is Autumn.
  10. And the winner is... Ilovelions!!!

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