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Created by: Tremendus
  1. Hello! Today we are doing the Top 10 (or more) shoutouts!
  2. 1. SONIC TAILS LF!!!!!!!! GOOD JOB!!! I think you are a great guy or girl that makes great quizzes! TBH, I kinda envy you... OH! What do you call a 3d triangle with lots of cats on it? A ''PURR''YMID! LOL!
  3. 2. DERECHO!!!! GREAT JOB!!! You sound like a cool guy that I can totally get along with. You are really kind and loving so I thought I would put you too!
  4. 3. HORROR LIVES 2!! GOOD JOB! You are so heartwarming and I believe you are happy and admire your fellows a lot!Also thank's for putting me in your shoutouts!!!
  5. 4. ACCALIA 123! Excellent Work!You are a cool girl/guy! Even though you don't talk to me much or are half-wolf half-human, you still are a great person/wolf
  6. 5. MY_WOLVES!! GOOD JOB!!You are a cool and calm guy! I really like you so that is why I put you on this!
  7. The last one goes to SprinkledSpice! You (i think) is a dandy fine guy that makes people happy! You also reminded me of the forums, which inspired me to make one!
  8. oof I need 10 questions...upside-down letter b!!
  9. Snake pun time!! What did Jonathan's mom say when her sister was there?JONATHAN! YOUR "HISS"TER IS HERE
  10. Dog puns!!Had a bad day? Just "PUG"-et about it!
  11. BAI!!!!!

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