Shout-out Quiz!

This is a shoutout quiz mentioning many of my friends! Sorry if I talk to you a lot on the forums and you're not here, I forget usernames a lot. Let's get started!

But first, here's another paragraph to read. If you want me to include you next time and you talk to me on the forums, be sure to comment. Moving on...

Created by: Vxrified
  1. violagal12, or Vio for short. She's really supportive on the forums and is a good friend! ^w^
  2. dragonsfire, or Dragon. Helping me along in the forums and teaching me the guidelines!
  3. SprinkledSpice, or Spice. For being a good role model!
  4. Cats17, or Atticus, or (insert name of your other alts here). For being kind to me on the forums!
  5. hephaestuschild - Being kind on the forums!
  6. Quick clarification: I may have forgotten your user if I didn't include you here. I know I definitely forgot someone!
  7. Ethel, or Cyan. For helping me along in the forums!
  8. I haven't made any other friends on the forums just yet so the next few questions are gonna be pretty random.
  9. Were you mentioned or given a shoutout previously?
  10. Have you spoken to me (Vxrified, or Vex) on the forums?
  11. Alright! This is an edit! Puppet master12, for making me feel at home in the forums.
  12. TheAlien - For taking my earliest quizzes on the account I forgot my password for, strange_Nyx - Thank you!

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