fun facts about blondes

hello! first, I wanna say that this was inspired by my friend, dragonsfire. hers is about redheads, though. be sure to check hers out, you can find her in the lounge in the forums.

anyway, if you are not blond, the I suggest you not to take this because there are some things you may not agree with, if you are not a blond. anyways, enjoy!

Created by: cutekittyeilish
  1. nobody knows for sure what a natural blonde is exactly, since there are all different shades. I have dirty blonde, with streaks of the typical blonde.
  2. blondies are rarer then most people think.
  3. blonde hair and brown eyes are even more rare. but, I have blue eyes, which is common.
  4. "natural blondes" have more hair.
  5. most blondes hair darkens over time.
  6. blonds are less blond in the winter.
  7. blonds will never go extinct!
  8. blondies have hair that is more prone to damage
  9. blond beards grow faster than darker ones.
  10. blonds get paid more.
  11. blonds earn higher tips.
  12. most of the powerful females are blonde.
  13. strawberry blonde is the rarest of all blonds.
  14. northern Europe has the most blondes.

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