How well do you know Slenderman?

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How well do you know Slenderman? Take this quiz to test your knowledge! This is my latest quiz and sorry it took so long! I was on the forums in the Lounge!

If you have a profile, check it out! It's fun! But boobsnakes are there. I call them that because they are meanies! Well, I hope you enjoy my quiz about Slenderman!

Created by: CA Cupid

  1. Who does Slenderman kill?
  2. Is Slenderman tall?
  3. What does Slenderman wear?
  4. Is Slenderman a female or male?
  5. Slenderman blends in with what?
  6. Is Slenderman good or bad?
  7. Does Slenderman have snakes that come out his back?
  8. Does Slenderman have a face?
  9. Does Slenderman have tentacles for hands?
  10. If you cover your face...
  11. Sorry! Ran out of questions! Um, what's retarded about Slenderman?

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Quiz topic: How well do I know Slenderman?