My crazy Hogwarts life... (a story, not a quiz)

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This quiz was inspired by Selena112 quiz, Seven Minutes in Heaven: Like No Other. My result was Harry Potter, and it completely inspires a story. Thanks!

On Offbeat, you can find my thread "My Wizard Duel With Harry Potter" That she also inspired by Selena's quiz. So yeah check that out! Also check out my other quizzes!

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  1. "No, Jenny. Honestly, I'll be FINE." I tell my sister. Tonight I am going to a 7 minutes in heaven party with other friends who will go to Hogwarts!
  2. As I bike over, I notice a boy with messy black hair. He looks like he is... running away? Or sneaking out. This is bizarre. I look closer and notice the world famous lightning bolt scar. I almost fall off my bike as everything makes sense. Harry Potter (my worshipped crush!!) is sneaking out to the party! I hope we go into the closet...
  3. I pedal faster, hoping to get to Minlee's house before he does so I can prep my hair and make-up. Minlee and I grew up on Penny Lane together, a block away from Harry's house on Privet Drive. "Minlee! Minlee you'll never guess who I saw walking here!" I yell as I run into the house. "Who?" She asks me, a blank expression on her face. Does she genuinely not know?
  4. "Harry POTTER, Minlee! HARRY POTTER!!!" I yelled to my friend. She looked at me. "Very funny, Sierra." Minlee said. "No, I'm serious!!" I told her. Right on cue, Harry walked into the house. Everyone immediately stopped what they were doing and stared. Harry just snorted, and said "Well are we partying or not?" He asked. I said, "Well what do YOU think?" And Minlee turned on some music, and ar all sat down in the living room.
  5. Minlee brought out a black bowler hat. She told us girls to pick out a slip- on it was a boy's name. I was excited. There were a few boys who also lived on Penny Lane, Dean Thomas, Michael Corner, Justin Finch-Fletchley, and Seamus Finnigan. I pulled out a slip last.... I dropped it and nearly screamed. I blanked out until I heard Minlee... "Ok, Paravati read out your name." She said. "Dean," Paravati said. They went in for seven intense moments and both came out looking pleased with themselves. I knew I would be next, of course. Her last name was Patil, mine was Parano. Sierra Paranoia, age 11. "Sierra, who did you get? Minlee asked me. "Harry Potter."
  6. I was barely able to hide my excitement. Everyone looked at me jealously, even a few of the boys did! I giggled stupidly. I tried to walk into the closet, even though I ended up, well, pretty much running. Once we were inside, I shuffled a bit closer to Harry. I attempted to kiss him, but he backed away 'Sierra, honestly! This is HARRY POTTER. You've had a crush on him since age 5!' I thought. 'Get a grip on him now,' I told myself. I tried to kiss him again, this time Harry did not take very well to it...
  7. He looked at me like I was a slug and I nearly sobbed. Wait, it gets worse. He opened the closet door at the 2 minute mark and came striding out. My face matched my red dress, my mood matched my black shoes. I was crushed. I walked from the closet straight to the bathroom, and sobs began to rack my body. 'I can't believe it,' I thought. I hadn't even started Hogwarts yet and The Chosen One already hated me!
  8. Minlee came in very quietly, and startled me when she said "Sierra, what happened in there?" I jumped slightly, looked up and saw her. "We... I... tried to kiss him and he..." My voice cracked. I couldn't even say it to my best friend! 'God, Sierra. What is wrong with you?' I inwardly yelled at myself. Minlee looked at me, sadly. "He didn't take that well," She finished. "Not- not at all." I sobbed. "Min, what am I going to do?! Harry already hates me, and I have WORSHIPPED him since age 5. What am I going to do?" ****** Sorry guys! We're stopping there.
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