shout out quiz!!!!

Try out my shout out quiz .. this is only for the people I know right now . Like Emma , jees ,Connor , caddy. Cassidina , and some others hope you like it

I'll be makeing a second shout out quiz later on and ill ask if anyone. Wants to be in it. Put your user or a comment say you wanna be in my next one

Created by: hunter girl521

  1. My first is shout out is Emma /The swag. Your my best freind one ever had
  2. My second is jeeshan your a really sweet and a very good freind your awesome
  3. Kait / sademogirl. You helped me a once or twice and I'm grateful for that
  4. Cassidy / cmp. I'm sorry I can really remember your user . But your an awesome freind your really nice
  5. Connor_4 your a good freind as well I like to talk with you
  6. Cassidina /cassybear or cheesepizza your a good freind don't talk to you a lot but your a great freind as well
  7. Unstopable panda . I like talking with you to. Your very interesting and if you see this I like you
  8. Kalafina I don't talk to you often but your fun to talk to
  9. Well that all I got for now sorry if I missed you. I'll make a second one later on and I may add you in it
  10. Oh I remembered another. Pheonix pharo sorry if I spelt it wrong but your a.awesome roleplayer. :)

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