I hope that you guys like this shout out and btw I can't spell Shout don't judge me I suck at spelling. Anyway this is my first ever Shout out and I'm sorry if your name was not mentioned in this shout out. If you want to know me or get to know my go to The Play Room or The Stage.

This Shout out has no effect in any of the answers, so no matter what you pick it won't effect the final result. I hope that you all love this Quiz/ Shout out. I hope you all get picked and please comment so I can hear all of you thoughts and opinions.

Created by: Zankyou315

  1. My First shout out goes to BeaverlyReagan!!! Thank you for being the first person to listen to what I had to say and for being my first and best GTQ friend. I LUV YA REAGAN!!!
  2. Next is Katqueen45. You are the funniest person on GTQ. I luv how you stick up for people and always forgive and forget.Thanks for being my friend Tamara.
  3. Now for third Puppet_Master12. I love your RPs you are so very creative and your voice is very beutiful. I bet you'll become the best Play writer/Singer.
  4. Next up is Marceline101. I love how level headed you are you don't make a big deal out of everything and you are just over all awesome. (Ps. Level headed is a good thing. Google it)
  5. Next Phenix_Pharaoh. I havn't known you for that long but I know that you are one of the most creative, funny, and most fun to be with people on GTQ. Thank you for ever talking to me in the first place.
  6. Now for The Chicken. I love your sence of humer. You are awesome in so many ways and I love when you give me songs to watch on Yutube even if I might not like the songs.
  7. How could I forget: Care_Bear19 you are so fun to be with every day. we might not talk much but the talks we do have are the best.
  8. And also Batman[Insert numbers here] We never talk but I would like to thank you non-the-less. Thank you for taking my First ever quiz and being a good friend to all my friends.
  9. Last but not least I would like to thank S_E. We never ever said a word to each other but I would like to thank you for being the first ever person to take one of my quizes it means alot to me, Thank you.
  10. No! We are not ending it here! (Me: What are you doing?!) My name has to be said! (Me: Okay, Okay) Thank you. (Me: Now for the LAST person on my list JoshBrewer.I havn't known you for ever a week but I still want to thank you for taking my quizes, you didn't have to but you did so thank you)
  11. I hope that all you guys got picked. Please know that You are all awesome and you all make my day. I love you all.

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