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  • It says we should date but we are going to different high schools the same thing happened to my grandma with her boyfriend but they texted and called each other and meet each weekend or break but tomorrow's our last day of school and we both really really like each other should I tell him or should I ask my friend to tell him to ask me out because we are like madly in love

    Mary001 Jun 16 '16, 12:24AM
  • this test is so mean way to crush my heart

    i love dylan May 31 '16, 1:45PM
  • Omfg I got yeah I'm happy

    collielove May 10 '16, 1:45AM
  • I got "yeah" and 88%.
    I love this guy and crush on him and he said like 3 times that he loves me.he's emo.and im not sure if he really means it.he lives far from me.we only chat on facebook.apart from not sure where we'll end up.ryt now we are just friends.

    Senga Mar 5 '16, 2:29AM
  • i got yeah but im not sure. his little sister is friends with mine and they say he likes me. i was texting him this morning bc my phone messed up and my text ABOUT HIM got sent to him. doon he started texting my friend about me. he said he liked me until last year. she sent it to me and i texted him and he said i was a friend. good thing the text stated that i knew he liked me and i didnt like him. im not even really sure i truely like him but the way my chest melts when i think about him makes me almost certain. i want to tell him but it would ruin my life if i knew he didnt like me bc he would tell his friends who would tell my friends and it would be awful.

    grace2015 Oct 25 '15, 10:40AM
  • honestly, thank you for this, I thought this was gonna be another cheesy quiz but the answer actually helped me. I've decided to keep it as friends and I'm not gonna tell him I think I might like him. I don't want to ruin the friendship we have!

    lolfakeaccount Oct 5 '15, 9:30PM
  • for me, this guy in my class has a crush on me. but he is like so dumb(not in acedamics) but in like u know, in his brain everyone hates him(girls).the whole class knows now and keep making fun of him and me. now he avoids me but keeps staring at me. he told another class about it(the whole class) and keeps telling another person that i am cute and beautiful. i hate him but this is going out of hand. last time, when my cher was playing "rude" in the class, everyone made fun of me when he sang"im gonna marry her anyway".
    ------------FRIEN D STARTS TYPING------------- --------
    Nickname: Ssssss- I think she is actually cute and beautiful so i guess even i will like her if i am him.

    Nickname:Ma rry Christmas-she like the prettiest gal ive seen in my class! OMFG! but i dun think he will approve her cos he is so much worse. Shes so cute and beautiful!!!!

    Ni ckname:btwimduck- she is a very amazing girl. she went up the stage twice in two weeks recently. both for recognition! awesum! shes like so fab! shes like so clever too!

    Nickname:la lalalala- she and him? no way!!!!!! shes perfect. he's like dumb. i try my best to help protect her from him. cos shes like freaking out. so not approved!!!

    001234 Mar 31 '15, 6:20AM
  • Yeah! I got 85%, and a "Yeah"

    TheMangle Feb 14 '15, 1:19PM
  • @Slothmantis yes. It worked for me but I don't know maybe you should watch how he acts. That's very important.

    yummy29 Dec 9 '14, 5:34PM
  • Did this actually work for anyone like they got yeah, of yes totally and their crush turned out to like them back
    I got yeah and still to scared so it would help if I knew if anybody else got yeah or yes totally and their crush turned out to like them back?

    Slothmantis Jun 8 '14, 10:17PM
  • I meant my boyfriend friend took a pictures of us and send it to my boyfriend

    marryanna Mar 14 '14, 3:17PM
  • my life really sucks you know my boyfriend was not at school today because of me well that's what is friends said out loud in the class room. I hate my life sometimes people hurt me so bad because they think it is funny just because I talk to a Emo boy today and my boyfriend took a picture of us so he will think that I am cheating not right I want to be gone for ever but I cant I am all post 18.

    marryanna Mar 14 '14, 3:16PM
  • I am really upset because my boyfriend does not want me I don't know what to do all he likes about me is my body. it hurts so bad because I love him so much and I don't think he loves me any more.

    marryanna Mar 14 '14, 3:09PM
  • It was a yeah for me (whoop whoop)

    Chayla10 Mar 18 '13, 3:08AM
  • all of my friends think we are so cute together, because we turn everything into a competition. Like during the morning jog in gym class we always end up running around the gym like crazy trying to go faster than the other person.

    Myth Feb 19 '13, 8:40PM
  • Yeah for me

    Pug14 Jul 27 '12, 6:37PM
  • I got yes totally!!! I really needa twll people so that he will kniw to ask me out :D

    Bella304 Jun 8 '12, 2:55PM
  • Your Result: Yes totally!!!!

    He obviously likes you back, and you just love him! :) So what are you waiting for? Anyone can see you two are meant for each other, so I don't know why you aren't already dating. Consider yourself lucky to have such a great crush

    um.. I HATE HIS F***IN A**! but i love him. :( he's just so... meh... idk when we were sitting and talking -AS FRIENDS BUT NOT SO FRIENDS BECAUSE WE HATE EACH OTHER- his friends were are like, "What are u 2 lovebirds up to?" but i think they were just making fun of us so now it's awkward-er

    ShUdduP Oct 29 '11, 11:01PM
  • I just found out that the guy I like likes me today. Any one know of a quiz that can tell me what to say to him on Monday?

    Alex13writer Sep 9 '11, 9:22PM
  • Yes Totally! Eh? I love him, and that's all I need. ^^

    I like music Apr 29 '11, 12:55AM
  • Wow.. i don't think i can take this advice but it kinda helped..

    Basketball_Fan Apr 28 '11, 10:04AM
  • my boyfriend is a girl and there where no opions for girls but they said we should be together and we already have been for like 4 days her name is tima

    kelbylover Apr 25 '11, 8:50PM

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