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  • Ok, did everybody get 83%? I did too. I don't know whats up with this quiz, but how did it get under the 12 question requirement?! And how can two different people get the same score (83%) and one gets yes and one gets be cautious?! This person must've hacked the site or something.

  • Should you get ombre hair?
    Your Result: Be Cautious... 83%

    Be cautious. Your hair is a medium-light color, so careful how much you lighten it. If you were to get an ombre, then I would recommend dying your hair darker before apply the bleach to it.

  • Yes 83%

    Yes! Ombre hair would look great on you! Your hair is a dark enough color and a great texture for the look. The length is also just right. Yay for you!

    sorry, I was just curious but I would never put harmful chemicals in my beautiful hair.

  • @1_celestia_3

    I didn't hack the site. It's very easy to get it under the 12 question requirement. :)


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