Should you get a Labrador?

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Hello! Do you want some advice? About getting a Labrador. Well you came to the right place. I have put together 10 questions for you to answer. Great? OK!

Labradors are really great and popular dogs. But they do need lots of exercise. Are you ready to commit? Time to find out. So are you ready? Let's get started!

Created by: Bunnylover303

  1. Are you active?
  2. Do you have a big house?
  3. Are you out for a long time?
  4. Do you like mediam dogs?
  5. Do you have children?
  6. Do you have a yard?
  7. Do you like sweet, kind and gentle dogs?
  8. Do you like going on walks?
  9. Did you like this quiz? (doesn't affect the answer)
  10. Do you get in trouble?

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Quiz topic: Should I get a Labrador?