wat type of dog r u

what type of dog are you?! it is a question some people may have asked you before but now it can be answered. are you a labrador, jack russell, poodle e.t.c take this quiz to find out exactly which one you are!

in this quiz answer questions to find out what breed of dog you are!this quiz was randomly created by me polkadot fanatic, using the inspiration of my own dog! hope you enjoy it! xx

Created by: polkadot fanatic

  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. do your friends love to be around u
  2. are u energetic
  3. what is ur fave colour
  4. do u have a dog
  5. are u aggressive
  6. do u prefer:
  7. wat is ur favourite type of music:
  8. r u addicted to food
  9. in your next life would u rather be
  10. do u think of urself in your former life as being
  11. wat type of dog do u think u are

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