What type of jedi are you (the final battle)

The final set to my series this is sure to bring old memories back if you have taken previous quizes below i will in put what to look for to play previus sets

Come to gotoquizes homepage in the google search type in either=what type of jedi are you (revamped). for first one or= what type of jedi are you part 2. for the second one.

Created by: sith lord

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  1. You are in your custom star destroyer about to attack the peaceful planet of naboo.
  2. You arrive in your imperial ship.
  3. Your squad is losing to them and it is too dangerous for you to go out there
  4. You are in space where theed has initiated there ships to attack imperials.
  5. you have no choice but to leave in the onl escape pod.
  6. your pods lands in tattoine whare your adventure started
  7. You find your old tie fighter at a jawa sale
  8. You find an old abandend t-16 jedi fighter
  9. you're in space thinking about what you used to be before you were a leader in the new impire.do you remember all of the events from *what type of jedi are you (revamped),what type of jedi are you part two,and recent events?
  10. Are you ready to know you're new imperial spot.

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Quiz topic: What type of jedi am I (the final battle)