Should I make a story quiz?

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As you know, the description of a quiz is done after all of the questions and stuff are put into it. So during that timeof me doing so I have forgoten to mention the following:

I've done some writing apart from GTQ so i think i might be able to keep a lot of the drama alive, and i didn't say for sure that i'd be eliminating these things completely, but it sure would be eazier to...

Created by: Weaux

  1. So i had an idea...
  2. So there are like well, A LOT of story quizes on here...
  3. and all of them are love stories and there usually stricly directed towards girls
  4. So i was thinking about making a gender friendly story quiz!
  5. Im also thinking about leaving out the (majority of) the romance so that its easier for me to keep it a unisex series...
  6. Oh and magic.
  7. I still have 4 more questions to go.
  8. Depois televisí£o abaixo gostaria manutení§í£o?
  9. How can people get away with only putting 3 or 4 questions in a quiz?
  10. for some reason when i type in "" it looks like spam or something
  11. well you know the drill: "Comment, rate, yada yada, bye! :D"

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