Haunted... part 1

This is my first story quiz, i've tried to make it different from most other plots that i've seen. Please comment and tell me whether I should make part 2 (should take a few days if so)

Please Comment for ideas for the story, as it could go in any direction, and i'd be grateful for your ideas and input as this is my first time making a story quiz. thanks :)

Created by: DarkWolf666

  1. I've always been able to contact the dead.I can't remember a time when I have not been able to in all my 16 years experience. They visit me in the orphanage where I grew up telling me tales of the past, from whence they came. Its not spooky, as most would have you believe, I find it rather peaceful. The trouble is, no one else can hear or see them, so i'm judged to be quite the madwoman. Today is one of those days... "______" Angela, one of the social workers yelled at me. "_____, you do realise if you keep talking to yourself, your never going to get adopted, we're having a big adoption drive and we want you to have the best shot possible so come say hello to some people instead of locking yourself away under the stairs." I grugingly decided that i had to leave, got out of the cupboard and dusted off the cobwebs, before being ushered into the front room. In there was a babbling crowd of adults, all fawning over the younger, cuter members of the orphanage. I saw a nice seat in the corner and sat in it, deciding that it was the best place to not be seen. The Lady in Blue melted throught the wall to come speak to me "_____ dear, you'll never get adopted if you dont talk to anyone..." " I don't want to talk to anyone!" I snarled back, taken aback by my attitiude, she melted back through the wall.
  2. As the afternoon wore on, I snapped at a few more people, but generally got away with being unnoticed. I even managed to slip away to my room to slip my iPod into one of my pockets. When I got back downstairs I saw a man sitting in my corner seat, quietly observing the others. He looked quite elderly, but his true age was impossible to determine. He had short, slightly spiked sivery-grey hair, and piercing blue eyes. He wore black motorbiking leathers, and had a snazzy helmet tucked under one arm. He didn't even aknowledge my prescence, yet when he spoke, he could only have been speaking to me. "You can speak to spirits for a reason you know, _____ i have come to collect you, you are now old enough to begin to learn..." he cut off and stood up, facing me. He was very tall, and I couldn't help but be a little intimidated by his presence. Without another word he passed me the helmet he had. "B-but what about..." I stammered. "Don't worry, the papers have been sorted, now come." he said, as if anticipating my question. "also you neednt worry about your belongings, you will have all new belongings at your new home." And with that, i walked out of the doors fastening the helmet over my face. I Walked into a new life.
  3. We rode for what seemed like hours, going at speeds of over 100mph. all i could think about was clinging on for dear life, although I vaguely noticed that we were moving out of the city, and into greener countryside. After being shaken to bits bumping over a railway tracks I noticed a forest on the horizon. Never had I smelt such fresh air before, as I had grown up in the polluted smog of the city. Speeding towards the forest, we were whizzing past the trees when the bike jerked to the side, turning up a dirt trail, going over bumps that made my stomach churn. To my relief, we started slowing down as the trail got narrower. Looming up upon the horizon I saw a, well it can only be described as a mansion really. As we approached the black painted gates, they swung open, allowing us into the spacious courtyard within the grounds. Then the engine cut, and for a few seconds I just sat there enjoying the sound of the marble fountain. Then the heavy wooden doors of the building crashed open, and a guy in a leather jacket came running out to greet us. He has chestnut brown, slightly ruffled hair, and light hazel eyes, he looked older than me, although he was maybe only slightly taller. He wore a cheeky grin on his face. "Heya _____! Welcome back!" He said in a voice that made me think he was genuinely pleased to see me. He held out his hand to help me of the bike. I tried to get of looking as dignified as possible, but ended up almost toppling to the ground with a very undignified "Oof!"
  4. "Hey, it's good to see you again!" He exclaimed. Then taking in my confused expression he added "You don't remember much do you? Well, you were only 4 years old, not that I remember much of it either... I'm Bruce anyways, and you're _____, and the guy who brought you here is called Joe, here's a tip, don't get on his bad side. Now that we're acquainted, I'm off!" With that, he hopped on the motorbike that brought me here and sped down the track, leaving nothing but a brown dust cloud. If anything, he'd just left me with more unanswered questions... Then, Joe put a strong hand on my shoulder, and directed me inside. The interior of the building was very grand, with lots of fine looking polished oak furnishings. But before I had time to look around I found myself being directed into another room with a desk. "Sit" Joe instructed. So I sat in the chair facing the desk, while he sat around the other side. "This is my study" He explained "You are not allowed to enter in here unless I invite you to do so." I just nodded meekly. "You must have a lot of unanswered questions. Let me explain your situation the best I can." He shuffled some papers on his desk. "You are one of three people bestowed with amazing gifts. All of you are unrelated, but all of you have been chosen by Death himself to carry out an important task. The task itself is unclear but for now I have been instructed to educate you in any way I see fit. Bruce is one of the other children; He is 19 and has been living with me for three years now. Then, Jasper is the third. He is to move here in a few months. All of your gifts are different. But until you start to learn to control them, your true powers will remain unclear. You are to have no lessons for two days. Use this time to get your bearings. The only place out of bounds is my office. Oh, and you may pick any unoccupied room you wish. Goodbye." And with that, he dismissed me from his office. Leaving me time to explore my new surroundings.
  5. I decided to explore this musty mansion from top to bottom. Walking along the ground floor, I saw that there was a gym/ training room, with plenty of floor space, and a few medieval looking weapons on show on the wall. There was also a Cinema room, the door was locked but I saw that it was spacious. And clean. "We're obviously not allowed any popcorn in there" I said to myself. The sound of my own voice comforted me. It was the only thing familiar in an unfamiliar environment. Walking to the end of the corridor I found a pool with changing rooms on either side. Great I thought. Swimming... swimming was something I'd never been that good at. I struggled to do the doggie paddle most of the time. I stared at the blue depths of the water and gave an involuntary shiver. Suddenly, a hand grabbed me from behind and I nearly screamed. Spinning round, I saw that it was only Bruce, looking very windswept. "Hey!" He grinned. "I-I didn't hear you coming..." I stammered, still recovering from the shock. "Well there's something wrong with your ears then girlie! Because life is LOUD!" He yelled at the top of his lungs. "Here, for you" he said, holding out a black rucksack. "I was told by Joe to get you some new clothes, I didn't really know what you'd like so I went for the safe choice; anything I liked the look of!" He exclaimed. I took the rucksack off of him and rummaged around in silence. There were a few black gothic tops, and a few pairs of black jeans with rips and chains in them. Exactly my style. "You know, you've got pretty good taste in clothes!" I complimented Bruce. "Well of course! Not that I needed telling that!" He said with a big smile across his face, looking very pleased that I had complimented him. He seemed very full of himself, but in a cute, cheeky kind of way. I smiled. "Well, I'd best go pick a room" I said "Well I wouldn't pick one on the second floor if I were you, Joe's snores echo like thunder." He laughed, "I'll be in my room if you need me, on the third floor. Just listen for the room with metal music blasting out of it. You'll hear it" With that he slinked off, singing Ace Of Spades by Motorhead.
  6. So I went upstairs, and settled for a spacious room with an en-suite on the third floor. It had a big window with a great view of the forest. Then I went to the little slip of paper in the door, took it out of the plastic sheet and wrote my name on it "______" I said as I wrote it. "Yes, my whole world may have turned upside down, but at least I still have my identity." I said out loud. "Yes, too right sweetheart." Said a voice from over by my bed. I looked around and saw the spirit of a man sat on the edge of my bed. "You can hear me?" He exclaimed as he saw me turn around to look at him. He was in Tudor style clothes, he was rather small, and had a thin, elegant, swirly moustache. "Yeah." I replied. "Thank heavens! I have not had a conversation with a living soul for over 3000 years! I am Mathieu. It is a pleasure to speak to such a fine young woman!" He chirped with a gleeful expression. "I am a previous owner of this house, before my decease that is. It was an awful grizzly way to go; I was murdered by my own son. This house has a history thick with bloodshed and gruesome tales. Why I could sit here and talk to you all da"”"and with that, he cut off, looking horrified. He vanished with a faint pop. Odd, I thought. Why did he have to go? I sighed and dumped my rucksack full of clothes on my bed. "Were you talking to yourself just then?" Asked a curious voice from the doorway that could only belong to Bruce. "No." I snapped. Here we go again, I though. It's just like the orphanage all over again. "Are you going to give me an explanation then?" he asked. "No." I snapped back. "OOOhhh someone has an attitude problem!" he jeered. "No, it's called a personality, shame you don't have one." I retorted "sorry, that was a bit harsh, I'm not really a people person" I backpedalled when I saw the wounded look on his face. "Yeah, its okay, I was only joking, I know what you can do..." he muttered, staring at his feet. "Do you know what I can do?" He asked, perking up immensely with the though that he could show off. I shook my head.
  7. He closed his eyes for a moment. Then his face screwed up, as though he was in pain. Then, I must have blinked, because a leopard in a leather jacket was sat blinking at me, swishing its tail on the cream carpet. I blinked again, and Bruce was stood before me, looking slightly worn out. "I'm a shapeshifter" he said. "Does it hurt?" I asked looking at his expression with concern. His eyes found mine. "Every time" he whispered. "It's amazing though!" I complimented. A big smile spread across his face "Yeah, it's pretty cool!" he boasted. "Oh!" I said, I still have my iPod on me!" I exclaimed, pulling the device out of my pocket, smiling. I couldn't live without music. Heavy metal, Rock, Rock "˜N' Roll. They bough it me at the orphanage because I wouldn't stop moaning when mainstream music came on the radio. So they bought me this and filled it with music I liked just to shut me up. I take it everywhere with me. "_____, you know Joe will kill you if he finds you have something from the orphanage?" Bruce challenged. "All the more reason to keep it hidden then" I chirped back in a voice that seemed to happy for me. "Don't worry, I won't tell!" He whispered like he was keeping some tremendous secret. Just then, his phone beeped in his pocket. He found it and opened the message, his eyes studying the screen. He raised a puzzled eyebrow. "What?" I asked. "This Jasper kid..." He muttered "Joe has decided that so speed up the process. He's coming tomorrow..."
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