Warrior cat story part2

Ok this is part to and next time I am going to make it longer. Now um yeah. Lionkit is a lion colored cat with green eyes. So um yeah ok yup . Arg when it 150

Ok comment on who you like most. And who you want to be. Your clan description is in part 1. Ok well um plz comment please and rate. Well um bye now .

Created by: Anna

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  1. Ok now I'm you were eating your prey in p1 (Time laps. You are now 5 moons old and all the others are 6 moons old.) "All cats old enough to catch they're own prey, please come under the mossbolder for a clan meeting" Eaglestar called.You and the others sat down under the mossbolder and stared up at the mossbolder. Then you waited until the other cats were there. "As you all know,we need more warriors. I have had a report that Robbinpaw is ready to become a warrior, right Flamesky"? "Yes". Flamesky meowed. "Ok. Dear Starclan, look soon this apprentice. She is ready to become a warrior and has learned your code hard. Robbinpaw from this moment forth you shall be known as Robbinsong". "ROBBINSONG!!ROBBINSONG!!ROBBIN-SONG!!
  2. "But ," Eaglestar continued"to get more warriors , we need more Apprentices. Jaykit, Fernkit,Echokit please step forth." And so Eaglestar says the vous and then they are Jaypaw,Fernpaw and Echopaw. Fernpaw's mentor is Mousefur , Echopaw's is Flamesky and Jaykit is Barkface.
  3. Ok um now you pad over to _____.,to congratulate him/her. The others pad over to you and you meow :"To bad that I am not an apprentice yet." "Don't worry, we can still have fun together" Fernpaw says and licks you. Echopaw sends him a warning gaze and then cheerfully meows:"Yeah , and its only one more moon". (Time laps tomorrow sun high) Morningleaf burst into camp with her patrol and Flamesky is carrying a Gold kit with green eyes. "Who is that"? Eaglestar demands." This is a rouge who we f-found in the forest. He says the rouges are to c-cruel and he herd story's about Lightningclan and he want to j-join us " Fernpaw stammered." Hmm, Morningleaf bring the rouge and come to my den" Eaglestar growled in a low way.
  4. Later you sat in the nursery with the new kit. He was 5 moons old and the decided that his name will be Lionkit." Hello, um what's your name"?he asked."My name is Greykit". "My name is Lionkit".he purred." Yes I know. Do you want me to show you around?"you ask." Yes please"Lionkit begs." Ok".you say You lead him out of the nursery and signal him to follow you CLIFHANGER!!!!!
  5. Ok now for some questions. Yay 😊.ok first Do you like Fernpaw
  6. Do you like Lionkit or Dawnpaw more
  7. Echopaw or Fernpaw
  8. What would you do if Fernpaw mated with Jaypaw
  9. What would you do if Echopaw mated with Jaypaw
  10. Did u like

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