Shadowrun players, what's your priority?

This is just a goofy little "guideline" system for picking priorities for new Shadowrun characters. Alot of time, it's hard to decide just where the Skills, Attributes, and Resources rank on your totem pole. This quiz is designed to ask questions about your character's personality, and attempt to rank them for you.

It's all fine and good to have a stockpile of guns, but it doesn't help if you aren't a very good shot. You can have all the natural talent in the world, but in the shadows, it helps to actually have a dime to your name. This is a tricky balance when creating a new character, but I hope this will help shed some light on what you have in mind. Please answer the questions, as if your character is the one answering, otherwise it won't help you much now, would it? ;)

Created by: Steve
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  1. If you could play the lead character in a movie, which of these would you rather be?
  2. If you were looking to hire someone, which of these three people would you give the job to?
  3. Which of these choices would be the better weekend getaway for you?
  4. Your car's engine is starting to make a strange noise, but it seems to run fine. Would you rather...
  5. A boxer that you're training loses his first bout. He put up a good fight, but in a late round, he didn't get up until the count would have been 11 or 12. What would you do to prepare him for the next fight?
  6. During your first days running shadows, who would you rather have on your side?
  7. Your are on a police swat team about to raid a hideout. The enemy inside has a 3-to-1 advantage in personnel. Which of these two weapons would you rather have?
  8. Working at a construction site, a truck arrives with a load of 40-lb bags of concrete. You are the only one there to distribute them, and still have another 6 hours left of work. Which of these methods to unload them would you use?
  9. You're writing a paper for a college class, and the textbook you have doesn't include enough information to help your project. Which of these two websites would you use?
  10. Your runners have captured a corporate security guard. You need to get into the building he was assigned to. How would you 'convince' him to give up information about the corporation's defenses?
  11. A friend of yours is going on a run that you know he's not ready for. What would you do to help him?

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Quiz topic: Shadowrun players, what's my priority?