Ben Roethlisberger

Many people claim that they knwo all the NFL players, all their stats and personal information, but when you talk football with them, they seem to know nothing! They have all the talk, but none of the brain!!!

Are you one of those people, or do you truly know the NFL and its players? Can you answer some of these simple, and difficult questions or will you find out you don't know anything about one of the NFL's elite players!!! Let's find out!

Created by: Connor Murphy of PRO FOOTBALL REPORT
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  1. Where did Ben go to college?
  2. Ben was born in what city?
  3. How old was Ben when he won the Super Bowl?
  4. What Super Bowl did Ben win?
  5. What high school did Ben go to?
  6. What other position did Ben play in high school?
  7. What was the score of the Super Bowl that Ben won, and who did he play?
  8. What pick was Ben in the 2004 NFL Draft?
  9. Did Ben start his entire rookie season?
  10. On his their way to the Super Bowl, Ben and the Steelers defeated these teams in order?

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