BIG Football Quiz

Many people think that they know a lot about football, but who really is a football information mastermind? Who can dribble their way thru this football trivia?

Are you a football brainbox? Well, get your football thinking boots on and find out... will you get a high score or be caught offside? Who knows... lets kick off and find out!

Created by: Azif Ucan
  1. Who managed to get shown a red card during an A-League game before even setting foot on the pitch?
  2. England won the 1966 World Cup Final 4-2. Geoff Hurst scored a hatrick, but who scored England's other goal?
  3. Which club did Pele spend most of his playing career with?
  4. Why do referees carry spray cans?
  5. Who plays their home games at Ibrox?
  6. There are 3 Canadian teams in MLS; Toronto FC, Montreal Impact, and...
  7. Is a goalkeeper always allowed to handle the ball in their own 18 yard box?
  8. Regarding yellow cards, what has FIFA got in mind to introduce?
  9. What did Wimbledon FC change their name to after leaving south London?
  10. Where did Sunderland play their home games prior to their current stadium?
  11. Why was Ray Wilkins sent off while playing for England?
  12. Which national team does Alex Morgan play for?
  13. Who won the Golden Boot for the 1986 World Cup?
  14. What is the highest division in Italian football?
  15. Which national team does Gareth Bale play for?
  16. Who won the 1967 European Cup?
  17. Roy Keane played for which national team?
  18. Who plays their home games at Elland Road?
  19. Which national team did Archie Gemmill play for?
  20. Which club did Brian Clough win the European Cup with?
  21. Which club does Clint Dempsey play for in 2017?
  22. Which team has 'The Loons' as their nickname?
  23. What does it say in the players' tunnel leading to the pitch at Liverpool FC's ground?
  24. What nickname do Norwich City have?
  25. Where do Charlton Athletic play their home games?
  26. What national team did Michael Owen play for?
  27. How many players-a-side should there be at kick off?
  28. What happened to a Columbian player who scored an own goal in the 1994 World Cup?
  29. In which country was the Football Association formed in 1863?
  30. What position did Gordon Banks play?
  31. Where was the 2010 World Cup played?
  32. In which film did an Allies football team use the cover of a football match to flee their German captors?
  33. Which football club does Sean Bean's character wanna play for in the film When Saturday Comes?
  34. What is a nutmeg?
  35. What happened to a player who picked up a dog by the neck & threw it off the pitch? (dog was okay thankfully)
  36. What position did Alan Shearer play?
  37. When it is snowy what color ball is usually used?
  38. Ian Wright played for West Ham United, True or False?
  39. Ian Rush and Robbie Fowler were both prolific goal scorers for which club?
  40. Where is Wembley?
  41. What nickname does Ipswich Town have?
  42. What do Aston Villa, Burnley FC, and West Ham United have in common?
  43. In which month is the FA Cup Final usually played?
  44. Who was manager of England when they won the World Cup?
  45. How many points does a team get for drawing a league or group match?
  46. Excluding added on time and extra time, how long is a football match?
  47. From which city did George Best come from?
  48. What has football been dubbed?

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