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  • This is really good! I love both of your series, you are an amazing author! Can't wait for the next one!

  • I liked this one a lot too ^^ (just read Forever and Always) The mysterious beginning was cool, and I really liked how you introduced the ghost thing with the Grandma then the sister exposing it. Show, don't tell, that's the write, so great job ^^ Can't wait to finally talk to burgandy-eyed guy; I know he'll show up... somewhere, sometime ;)

  • Okay guys a few people emailed me about heir characters and the final answers will be on the next part of Secrets!:D

  • THIS.IS.AWESOME!!! I'm glad you're continuing Forever and Always. I got a charater *chants*

    Name: Edward "Chip" Brody
    Gender: Male

    Looks: 5'10", short brown hair, cloudy blue eyes, pretty muscular, hard abs ;)

    Personality: Chip is really cool and collected. He has a mysterious background. He's funny, sweet, and smart. He has an Irish/British accent. His mom is Irish and his dad is British. He can be a little stubborn sometimes but he'll do anything for you.

  • Eh, I guess I'll do it. Hmm let me think... Got one!

    Kenny Michael
    Gender: Male

    Looks: 6'1", messy jet black hair, icy electric blue eyes (All I got for the look's...)

    Perso nality: Rude, a major goofball, can be really nice once you get to know him, like's to pick fight's, slighty lazy but mostly athletic, he is kinda afraid to stand up for what he likes cause he doesnt think people would like him that way.

    That's all I got.

  • *Gasp* How dare you stop it there?! I litterally was only paying attention to reading this and ignoring everything else. Good thing too because my neighbors are screaming for some reason. Oh well, they're always screaming, and they need to learn how to shut up before I make them. :D

    Thanks for the shout out!! I really enjoyed reading this, it was very good, and I would've hit my stepdad back..... Or kick him in a certain place.... I'll do the character contest thingy.

    Name: Ashlyn Smith
    Gender: Girl

    Looks: 5'4", long blonde hair, purple eyes (natural. So no colored contacts or anything), is really pretty, and has long legs.

    Personality: kinder heart towards animals than people. Hates it when everyone likes her just because of her looks. She's athletic. Is kinda mean towards people who she doesn't really know, but once you know her, she's really funny, super sarcastic, and nice. She's willing to stand up for anything she believes in and won't back down from a challenge/fight. She has an open mind and can tell when people are lying and when they're telling the truth.

    Okay, I think that's it. Make the next part soon :D.

  • Hey guys Im thinking of character contest that shows up soon or something Im going to be included in the story but I would like One male and One female to compete so just comment on what your character would like to be:) Thanks:D


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