Secrets pt.1

*READ ME* Hey guys! Welcome to the First part of Secrets! Like the title? cuz I sure do:D and anywho shout out to DaughterOfApollo! Guys if you don't know her she's awesome and you guys should read her quoz "Letters to myself... DaughterOfApollo" It's awesome and also another one to Twisted_Roots! Im glad I won the contest:D Im so excited and also Im cathing up again cuz Ive been busy.. Anywho enjoy!:)

Okay so not really any guys in this part cuz I wanted to make it a bit more interesting so I hope this is cool and aslo take my Forever and Always series cuz It's pretty awesome:)

Created by: 33iZZy18

  1. Hey guys :D For some reason I feel creepy... anyhwo back to the topic this IS NOT my bookm Ik i've been saying Im gonna put up my beautiful book thats 20 pages long and still in progress but my sister and my best friends are like "NO DO NOT DARE PUT IT!! Someone could steal your idea.." And blah blah blah and CONSUELO if you're reading this I blame you!D:< And okay so Im not gonna gave away too much info lets get on with the story:)
  2. "BEEP BEEP BEEP" You hear the alarm clock go off. You just stare blankly at it, you don't mind the noise. You moslty just see it blinking. You know you have to turn it off soon orelse you're gonna get screamed at by you're older sister to shut the hell up and everything. But today you feel it's going to be different. Totaly different. You're being droped off at some expensive prep school. you're mom thinks it will do good for the family. You remeber the night when you're parents were fighting because of you. Because you're different, and weirds them out.. Maybe it's because they don't understand or maybe it's becuase... no one knows you're secrets..
  3. The only reason they can afford it is because the whole family is pitching in. You know they're disturbed by your presence. You don't mind you always just make your way around the family going to the park alone on family reunions or stuff like that.. But theres a reason why ever since that night you've changed forever. You never really talked about it. Most of the time your silent. But when you finally told someone about what you see.. the one person you thought was your love.. he completly betrays you. It's been a year now since they known. After months of therapy and anti-psycotic medication, they still can't find out whats wrong with you. "______ GET THE HELL UP WE'RE LEAVING!!" Your sister Miranda shouts as she slams the door of your bedroom. Your sister... how much you've always just wanted to strangle her.. But you know you won't do it. After all she's NORMAL and the pride of the family. They see her as smart, beautiful, and intellegent. You see her as a stuck-up, blond cheerleader, who is jealous becuase you're going to a private school in england and likes to torment you every single second.
  4. You slowly get up. And quickly put on some skinny jeans, black converse, and a white tank top. You stare at your suitcase and grab it. It's quite heavy but you don't mind much. Before you walk out the door you see your grandmother. "Hi grandma." You smile and hug her. She's the only one who understood you and what you see. You let go and stare at her, "Why are you leaving sweetie?" You sigh and sit down on the bed, "They don't me." "Ah." she sits down next to you. "People fear the unknown, and thats why they think like that." "But gran, they think Im totaly nuts. ONly beacuase of-" You grunt in frustration. Your grandmother just starts braiding your hair. "You know theres more of us." "Oh really? Then where are they?" "Around... hiding." SHe pauses "Or waiting for something." "Like what? Something to take away this curse?" "No." She finish's your hair. "You're very specail _____. Don't you ever forget that." Then the door opens wide with your sister standing, "Who are talking too?" She says irritated. You turn towards your grandmother, she nods for you to tell her. "Grandma." You sister gasp and runs downstairs while shouting. "Mom _____ is crazy! She says she's talking to grandma!"
  5. 'Im dead' you think. Then when you turn to continue talking to grandma she's gone. Most of them have a tendency to do that. Your mom comes up with a worried expression on her face. "Please just do us all a favor and don't play games like that." "Im not." You say plainly. Then she runs out of the room sobing. You stepdad comes in looking angry. "Don't do that to your mother! Your gandmother was crazy enough now you?!" He shouts while stepping closer to you. "Good thing you don't have the crazy gene huh? Now I see why you dont wana have kids with my mom. you're afraid they'll be just like m-" You get slapped hard, you feel the side of your cheek and its warm. "You have no right to talk to me like that, Im not your child." "Im not yours either." Then you stand, grab your suitcase and wait in the car.
  6. *FAST FOWARD* The car ride to the airport was quiet, and you could feel the tension in the air. You were glad when you made it to the airport, and ran out the car. It was awkward when they were saying goodbye, but you know they only want to get rid of you. And also the only person who kinda cares is your mom, the doctor advised therapy for you and your mom quickly took it. And now your family was so kind to not even walk you to the plane. It was about 30 minutes till it was leaving, but you didn't wana feel like a total loner, so you sat down in the waiting room pretending to text and look very busy.
  7. After about 20 minutes of being bored, playing with your hair, and making weird faces at a baby that keeps sticking it's tongue out at you. You finally board the plane. In the line you see a guy that immediatly catches your attention, you could only see the back of him and being how dorky you are, you ask an old kind lady in back of you to hold you spot, you walk in the front of the line and back qiuckly, standing straight and catching a glance at this young mans perfection, From what you saw he's about a few inches taller then you, pale, has dark brown hair (more brown then black) and burgandy colored eyes. You stand in line smiling and secretly hoping he would sit next to you. But you snap back to relality as you step on more step more towards the plane. You managee to think logically and say to yourself 'Im a freak.. so why would I be hoping?'. You take a deep breath and sigh as you see him get in the plane without glancing at you. You look around while waiting and see a picualr construction man that was fixing a escilator that didn't need fixing. He notices you and walks towards you. "Can you see me?" Says the man. You nod and he smiles. "For so many years no one has seen me... do you by any chance no how to move on?" You nod no, you don't want to already seem weird with people your gonna be sharing a plane with for the next 8 hours. "Why arn't you speaking to me?" You motin with your eyes the people around and you look at the ground shamful. "Ah, I see." theres a pause, "But when come back may you answer the question?" You nod and the man smiles and dissapears into thin air. After you give the ticket to the woman you board the plane and as you see the guy with burgandy eyes your heart starts pumping a bit to loudly, but it instantly stops when you find out you sit two seats to the right in front of him. When you sit down you drop your head and blush with embarresment for thinking about that. You want to block the loudness of the plane out so take out your ipod and start listening to your ipod. When your bearly getting into the air, you realize how lonely you are, you don't really have any friends, and your family regects you. Just then the song "Boulevard of Broken Dreams by Greenday" Comes on and it dicribes perfectly how you feel about everything.
  8. When your about on the 10th song you realize that everyone is asleep. So you decide to just listen to OneRepublic, you love listening to their songs when your about to sleep, you like mezmerizing lyrics. So you drift into sleep, happily listening to Marchin' on. *DREAM MODE* It's you as a little girl at your fathers work, you know exactly whats going to happen so outside you is trying everything it can to wake you up, while little you is going where the closet is and then THEY come-"Ah!" You scream as you wake up, your sweaty and breathing hard, but lucky for you everyone has their earphones on. You sit back down and look outside the window and see the sun bearly rising over the horizen.
  9. When the plane lands, your the first on to get off, you feel sophicated in there, and when you stretch and everything you see a cab man holding a paper with your last name on it. You walk towards him "Ms._____?" He says in a british accent. "Yea." He smiles as he puts it away "I'm Mr.Bareguess, I'll be driving you too Taunton School in Somerset, it's not far, only a few miles." You nod as you follow Mr. Bareguess to the car. On the ride there you stayed quiet as Mr. bareguess just talked about all the fun it is at the school and everything, you would mostly look at the country side. You kept having an uneasy feeling, because he was driving on the left side of the road instead of the right. And you also just nodded when he asked you questions. And about 20 minutes into the drive you see small figures at the end of the road and as you zoom around the mountians you catch the sight of what could be a castle for a king.
  10. It more like a old-fashoned university then a school for kids. It was huge, you couldn't really describe how it was. It just made you curious and kinda excited, there was also miles and miles of land surrounding it. ANd you could see kids hourse-back riding and playing frezbee and the game you cant name but you knw it has to do with the sticks! The Headmistress (You assum) Was standing outside with a big smile and waving for the cab to pull up in front of her, for her to greet you. And iy does, and you could feel everyone watching. You stay in the cab you don't want to get out because your scarred. "Oh come on!" Says the driver joyfully "You'll love and enjoy it!" You take a deep breath and step outside.
  11. CLIFFHANGER!! Hey guys! Liek the first part? Hope you do. ANd don't worry I am continueing the Forever and Always series it's just late cuz Im planning something>:)

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