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Hey guys welcome to my quiz! This took a long time to make so I hope you enjoy! If you like science you'll like this quiz! It has almost every fact of awesome science.

I am only 12 and I know all these answers myself without looking at a book while making this. I study study study. Hope you do Well! And thanks again for taking this quiz.

Created by: sciencecat
  1. What makes lightning?
  2. Name three parts if the neroun.
  3. What three kinds of flowers bloom before fruit?
  4. How many days does it take for pigeon eggs to hatch?
  5. What are clouds made from?
  6. What is a heart?
  7. Name three comman birds.
  8. Foes mars have a chance of life or anything?
  9. How much oxygen does earth need?
  10. Is the change of Heaven acuttly real?

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