Are you Science literate?(Physical Science)

Science is the study of everything. Science is how the world works. There are two types of science: Physical Science (Chemistry, Physics, Astronomy, Geology, etc) and Biology

Are you science literate (physical science)? How much science did you learn in High School? Wonder no more, because now you can find out if you are science literate! =)

Created by: Dr. Sam

  1. What is the Chemical symbol for Iron
  2. What is an ionic bond?
  3. Which elements are naturally stable?
  4. What is a synthesis reaction?
  5. Which of these indicates a chemical reaction?
  6. What is a catalyst?
  7. What is a Poly atomic Ion?
  8. What is Newton's First Law of Motion?
  9. Which of the following is an example of an ELEMENT?
  10. If a 1 gram feather and a 1kg rock are dropped in a vacuum chamber, which one falls the fastest?
  11. What is NaCl?
  12. What is gravity measured in?
  13. What is inertia?
  14. What is the difference between weight and mass (if there is one...)
  15. Is their a difference between speed and velocity?
  16. What is energy
  17. Where does virtually all our energy (here on earth) come from?
  18. What is a wave (physics)?
  19. Which is an example of a transverse wave?
  20. What do all waves carry?
  21. Which of the following is an example of an ELECTROMAGNETIC WAVE?
  22. What is an example of a longitudinal wave?
  23. What does the law of reflection state?
  24. When white light enters a prism and is split into all the colors of the rainbow, the white light got _______________.
  25. What is the speed of all Electromagnetic waves in a vacuum?
  26. Can anything go faster than the speed of light?
  27. Sound generally travels the fastest through __________ materials
  28. What is the Doppler Effect?
  29. Can EM waves travel in space?
  30. What do all EM waves carry?
  31. What galaxy do we live in? (Assuming you live on Earth)
  32. What is a star?
  33. What kinds of radiation does out sun emmit
  34. Is the moon a satellite?
  35. What is a light year?
  36. What's a vacuum?
  37. According to science, how old is our universe?
  38. According to science, how old is our universe?
  39. The theory that explains the formation of our solar system is the _____________ theory.
  40. Black holes are...
  41. According to the Big Bang Theory, the universe is___________
  42. According to the Universal Law of gravitation, _________________
  43. Pangaea was...
  44. Whats a tectonic plate?
  45. Where do all of the elements (other than H, He and Li) come from?
  46. Wind is caused by...

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Quiz topic: Am I Science literate?(Physical Science)