Saltwater fish care : do you know the basics?

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The aquarium hobby was believed to have been begun thousands of years ago, in the country of China. The people selectively bred koi carp and came up with goldfish, and the hobby began.

Nowadays, many centuries from then, many types of aquarists exist. Some are professionals, some are flunks. Some people's fish die the week they're bought! What kind of aquarist are you? Well take this quiz to find out!

Created by: Enoch Park
  1. You go to the pet store and see a fish you want to buy. What's the first thing you find out?
  2. If you already have fish, what else should you know about it?
  3. When you bring your fish home, what should you have ready for it?
  4. If you're adding tap water to your tank, what should you remember?
  5. What's the order that you should put the fish in your tank?
  6. Three important things to know are...
  7. Besides food and unusual marks or coloration, what should you check for in a fish?
  8. For a tank without coral (Coral is not live rock), the unnecessary water condition test is...
  9. What is a quarantine tank?
  10. Last question : what should never, ever under any circumstance come into contact with anything having to do with your aquarium?

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Quiz topic: Saltwater fish care : do I know the basics?