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True love? is this the guy. Find your personality while you are thrown through an unforgettable expiriance! Please leave comments and rate my quiz too!

Do you know who you are? Find out while being Thrown through an unforgettable expiriance! Find out if he is for you! In another persons eyes.Please leave comments and rate my quiz too!!

Created by: Kattie1999

  1. ... You turned around and there he was. he was talking to a man saying, "I am sure i can offer you some food...". Naomi saw you glancing at him. She giggled in happiness.
  2. You helped walk Naomi to her old house. You then walked out and search for some food. You had no money so it was going to be hard. You asked around town but no one would give you food for free. You felt a hand on your shoulder, you turned back and it was the man that was helping the poor. "Excuse me, but shouldnt you be with a your husband, it is quit dangerous in the middle of the day in town." he said softly. "Uhh... he is dead, and I am just trying to find some food for my mother in law, Naomi." you stuttered. "My name is Boaz." he smiled.
  3. "My name is Ruth." you replied looking down. "Naomi? I know who she is. She is very popular around here. Uhm... i can offer you some food. And every week you can come gather some weat at my farm." he smiled. "That would be great. Thanks." you blushed.
  4. You skipped home laughing and giggling. You walk in and see that Naomi is in bed?! You run to her side, "Naomi, is there something wrong?". "Yes, please get the doctor." she muttered. You ran as fast as you could and told the doctor that Naomi is sick! A few hours later the doctor says, "She has a plege that she must of caught from her sons, I can treat it but i am afraid she will never be the same."
  5. The next week you go out to collect the weat from Boaz. You walk to the field and a man says, "What do you want Madeskin!?" "Uhh... Boaz said that i could collect weat." you say scideshly. "Fine! You can collect whatever falls out of the baskets!" he snarolls. And so for the next 3 hours you collect about 2 pounds of weat, enough for about a week. Then Boaz walks up to you and you smile. "Hi... (moment of scilence) did you get enough food?" he asks shyly. "Yes... uhm well i better be going." you say quickly. "No wait." he yells. But, you had already ran off.
  6. You go home and fall on your bed! "Huff..." you grunt. You reach in your jean pocket and find that the note from the "Friend" is still there. You open it up and glance at it but it has changed. You read aloud, "Dear Ruth, I am sorry people havent treated you nicely, but youll find your way out of this one too. I know you are going through tough times. But, Boaz can help! Talk to him get to know him. He has been so kind. Me and him are close friends and i hope you and i are too. Love, A friend."
  7. 1 month later. You are buying some water and see Boaz, you duck behind a shelf and run away. But after building up the courage you started going to his fields to get weat again. "Hi! I havent seen you in awhile. But, im glad your here." he says joyfully. "Me too! Uhh... to get food of coarse!" you blush. You two spend the night together taking about past expiriances. Then you go home. "Spend tthe night with Boaz?" Naomi smiles. "Uhh... ya. I didnt know i was needed here." you say embarassed. "You werent. Do you love him?"
  8. "Yes. I think i do." you say nervously. "Oh ok. Good night." she smiles even more. In the morning you wake up and notice Naomi isnt in bed! You search the house. You get dressed and then run outside. You run around town, but there is no sighn.
  9. You run to Boazes house and knock. He opens the door surprised, you see Naomi behind him. You run past him and say "Naomi! You should be in bed!". "I am sorry it was my fault. I asked her here." Boaz says. "I will be on my way home. Stay here Ruth." Naomi walks out the door. "Why did you ask her here?" you ask confused. "Because i wanted to know if she would agree." he says looking in your eyes. "Agree to what?" you wounder. He then gets down on his knees and asks "Ruth, will you marry me?" he smiles. "Uhh...
  10. YES!! Of coarse!" you replie. He picks you up and hugs you. On the day of the wedding you see the "Friend". "You! How did you know?! Why did you come?!" you ask. "I wouldnt miss this for anything! Are you my friend though?" he asks. "Yes! Yes i am!" you hug him. Boaz walks up, "Who is this?" he asks. "I am just a friend!" he replies. You say, "Yes. Just a FRIEND." The End!

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