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Take this quiz and expirience the hardships of a young girl named Ruth. Please leave comments and remember to rate my quiz hope you have a great and fun.

Take this quiz and expirience the hardships of a young girl named Ruth. Please leave comments and remember to rate my quiz hope you have a great and fun!

Created by: Kattie1999

  1. "Whoho!" you hear people shout. You are really glad that you are getting married to this man. You are so happy in fact you start crying for you have waited all your life to marry Dureng!
  2. The family gathers together. "Oh Ruth, I am so glad you two finally got married." says your sister Dalla. "Oh ya, well it took years for you and Melvin to get married." you reply. "Oh my daughters in law. For i am so glad you married my two sons. We will be happy forever." Naomi caughs because she is sick.
  3. 5 yers later. You are sobbing and weeping, for Dureng and Melvin has died for they catched a plege. "Oh, my sister for now we are both widows." Dalla cries. "naomi for where will we go, your husband has died as well." you ask in despare. "My daughters for you must go back with your own family, and so must i. I must return to the land of my fathers." Naomi weeps as she is morning as well. "Naomi, I will not go. i will stick with you."
  4. Naomi has agreed to let you go with her but, your sister has decided to stay with her own family. "Naomi for how long is the trip ahead of us." you ask softly. "Well, my daughter it is about 100 miles. We will catch a ride on a camel."
  5. You drag you and Naomi to a near by rock. "Oh... Naomi, how will we ever make it. This dust storm is feeling like needles on my skin. And it is so dusty we dont know where we are going." youpant as you try to catch your breath. "I do not know." Naomi whispers. You fall asleep.
  6. You awaken to the sound of a mans voice. "Are you going to be ok?" he asks you. You sit up and see that you are in a house and Naomi is next to you. "Yes i am feeling fine. But, how is mt mother in law." you say quikly. "She is well. Now come drink from this water. And eat from this plate. For you have a long journey in front of you. The town of Natalli is at least 20 more miles down the road." he whispers in a loving voice. "Road? For where are we. There was no raod when we slept on the rock. Have we traveled far from where we had slept." you ask in confusion. "No. Only a few yards. The road is the one i painted for you. Made to guid you." he replies. You see Naomi wake up and a few minutes later he sends you on the way. But you look back at him and ask "Who are you?". "A friend." he yells back to you.
  7. You see the rock on which you lay last night. And beside it is a path that is gold and shines like the sun. You and Naomi walk on it for awile and you reach in you pocket and pull ou a note. You read aloud, "Dear Ruth, I hope your journey will be great. For you could not see the pathe before because you did not want to see it. For i am sorry about your husband. But things will get better. I promise. Love, your fellow friend." "Did you tell him all that stuff. Because i didnt." Naomi asks. "No, i did not. Hmm?" you wounder.
  8. You are tierd after 1 more week of traveling and you stop and sleep. "My daughter wake up. We are here!"
  9. The town is big. You see people all over the place. "Watch it! Madeskin!" a man said as he knocked you down.
  10. "I am sorry my daughter. They know not how you helped me. And as you know these people will think of you as wicked since your people are." Naomi simpathises. You look over and see a man with cute brown hair who is helping the poor.

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