Running (part 3)

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~ Running forever running. Running on a road that seems to never end. running, running, running. Never stopping. Always running and running. Running.~

~ Will I ever stop. Will I always run? This life I live never stops always running. Will I ever see them again. I seem to always be stuck but not stopped. Running.~

Created by: luvHungerGames2

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  1. "So Annaley." I said. "Can I call you Anna or would you rather Annaley?" "Ann will do." Ann said. "Who long have they had you? Are you really there daughter?" "NO." I answered. "It is hard to explain." She nodded. I feel so sorry for her.
  2. I showed her our room. She sat down on her bed and looked around the room. "So why did they 'adopt' you?" I asked. She sighed "Because I can make vines." "Vines?" "Yeah i'll show you." She held out her palm towards the floor. Her hand started glowing and a green cord came out of her hand. It curled up like a hose on the floor. "Wow. That is cool." she nodded. "Where did they find you?" She asked. I sighed. And shook my head in defeat. "My parents told me to run, I got picked up by the police, was about to escape from the orphanage, Got adopted by them a week ago, and life here is horrible. Just to let you know." Ann looked up. "And what can you do?" "I can see in the dark, and I can sculpt ice with my bare hands." "really? Thats cool." We sat in silence for a while. Listening to the ticking of the clock. "Lirissa?" I looked up at her. "Is there a way out of here?" I looked at her sadly. "Not if you want to get killed. I tried once." I lifted up my shirt sleeve and showed her my scar. "Worst choice in my life." She stared at my scar. A single tear rolled down her cheek. "You know (*sniff*) that I think they killed my parents. I ran too. But I found out that they were dead. I-I miss(*sniff*) t-them so much!" She started really crying really hard then. I felt like I was about to cry. At leaast my family is alive.
  3. Our "parents" put Ann in charge of the garden. In less than a month after Ann came they "adopted" Vanessa who could wash anything with her hands, without soap, and could make it clean. After her, Jared and Jason. Jared could scupt wood. Jason could sculpt metal. Soon there were 10 of us "adopted" children with powers whose parents are either dead or missing. Then today they adopted Lucy. Lucy could read minds. She is only 8.
  4. We found out really soon that they were using Lucy. They gave her her own room with a door linked to our room so that she wouldn't be alone. Though they favored her we did not envy her. I soon got into the habit of singing the ABC's when ever she was around. How could they use her to spy on us? I do not understand.
  5. Me, Ann, Jason and Jared, Vanessa, and Tyler were, at night when Lucy and our "Parents" were asleep, we would plot up a plan to escape. I had my cousin in Maine and that was our goal. Tonight we meet up in our (the girls) room. I brought 2 ice cubs up and was sculpting them so they wouldn't melt. We waited till 2 am. at that time they would be asleep. I stay outside the door until I saw them. When I did I went back inside. A minute later they watched as I put the ice on top of the window alarms. We watched as the ice melted.
  6. When the ice melted I slowly opened the window. My heartbeat rised in tempo as I did. We listened for the alarms But heard nothing. Tlyer stuck his head out the window. Again no alarms. "We leave tomorrow night. Same time. Van and Ann you take care of "mom and dads" room and also get vines to climb out the windows. Lirissa you take care of all the alarms sistems. and get the girls out. Jason you get the van ready. Jared you help me get the rest of the boys out." We nodded. "What about Lucy? We can't leave her." I said. "We have to Liri. Her gift is to risky." I got mad. There was no way I was leaving her. "She's only 8! They only baby her because of what she can do. She can read their minds too! For petes sake! I am bringing her to whether you guys like it or not."
  7. "Alright bring Lucy." Tlyer said. The boys said goodnight then left the room. We climbed into our beds and went to sleep. In the morning "Mom" was harder on us. Van was washing the dishes and I was cooking lunch when she came in with Lucy. I started singing the song "Mother Knows Best" from Tangled in my head to avoid thoughts of our plans for tonight. "Liri? What is for Lunch?" "Mom" asked. "Tacos" I responded. She nodded and turned her heal and left the room Lucy following her. She did that ever night. Most likely trying to find out what we were thinking.
  8. After Lunch I was upstairs putting away our clothes. the biggest pile went to Lucy's room. The poor girl. Growing up like this was-was- mean and terrible. The image of my parents came into my mind I missed them soooo much. At least I would see my cousin in Maine pretty soon and save Lucy from her life here. I thought over our escape plan. It had to work. Even if it didn't some of us would escape and maybe find the police or get other help. "CHILDREN?! Please come here!" The voice of our "father" sounded from outside. I put down the clothes from my arms and ran down the stairs. He was outside with Tlyer unloading some crates fromn the back of the truck.
  9. They held the crates and carried them to the kennal.... that had not been there before. I watched in horror as Tlyer got out of the kennal and "dad" open the crate. Out ran a Big German Shepard. They unloaded the rest of the dogs before acknowledging us. "Dad" closed the kennal and turned to us. "These dogs will be out at night to guard us at night. If I hear them making more then the usual noise than you all will, be, punished. Understood?" We nodded our heads. And stared at the ground. "Good. Go back to what you were doing." We left quickly. With those dogs out how were we going to escape?
  10. I finished with the clothes and then went down stairs to make Dinner. It was almost done when Ann ran into the room. "Lirissa! He's coming!" I understood imeadatly but didn't have time to do anything before "Dad" came in. "LIRISSA! COME HERE! NOW!!" "What did I do?" He slapped me on the face. "Annaley finish Dinner." He said. He grabbed my arm and pulled me outside. I didn't know what was happening until I saw the shed. "No. Please. I haven't done anything wrong." He did not listen to me. He threw me inside the shed and locked the door behind us. "You thought of an idea to escape. You were going to escape tonight. Well it isn't happening. He slapped me again. I bit back tears of pain. He continued to punish me until he thought I had enough. He unlocked the door, went out, and locked it again. I would spend the night here. A single tear trickled down my cheek. This is why we had to leave. We couldn't live with this. My cheeks and back acked until the pain overcame me and I slipped into unconciseness.

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