Running (part 1)

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~ Running forever running. Running on a rode that seems to never end. running, running, running. Never stopping. Always running and running. Running.~

~ Will I ever stop. Will I always run? This life I live never stops always running. Will I ever see them again. I seem to always be stuck but not stopped. Running.~

Created by: luvHungerGames2

  1. Running, Forever running. The rode never stops so I must keep running. running, running.
  2. Those words are true in my opinion. In my life. Hello. My name is Lirissa. No it is not short for Mirissa. That is my actulal name.
  3. I am blessed, lucky, special, talented, powerful, cursed, gifted, unique, rare, and exceptional.
  4. Why? Because I have powers. I can see in the dark and I can Sculpt ice with my bare hands.
  5. My mother can make anything gormet. she can take a year-old chef borode` microwave dish and make it taste like it was made in a five star restaurant. No joke it actully happened. She can also do your hair in five minuetes flat and it will look professional. my dad has perfect aim with anything. Weopons and words. Anad he is a quick learner. It only takes him 5 to 15 (sometimes 30) minuetes to learn anything.
  6. We had a restaurant. I worked as a part-time waiter there. My parents homeschooled me so that I could help out. It happened some time ago. I got a a text on my cell phone. It only had 5 words on it. Lira run. were n danger. I did as it told. got food and clothes and got on the bus. haven't seen my parents since.
  7. I am in an orphanege now. Got picked up by the police. Right now I am sitting on my cot. crying. I miss them so much. I am planing on running away tomorrow night. I will go to my second cousin's house in Maine.
  8. The next morning. I got up and scrubbed the floors. Finding all the dirt in the dark corners. I had some food stashed away. I had picked to night because the lady in charge was going away.
  9. "Lilly? Can you please come here?" Sarah, the lady in charge looked at me. I lied about my name and said my parents were dead. yes ma'm I said. I got up and followed her.
  10. She took me to her office and told me to sit down. Also in her office were two people. A man, about middle aged with black hair. And a Middle aged lady with dark hair. I remebered them from yesterday. they had come to adopt some one. I thought they had left.
  11. "Lilly. these fine poeple would like to adopt you." What?

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