Forced to be with him...4

I don't make stories for you to read, I make them for myself to read and write. Welcome to part 4 of Forced to be with him...!!!! So recap: Rosella running with Vincent

don't make stories for you to read, I make them for myself to read and write. Welcome to part 4 of Forced to be with him...!!!! So recap: Rosella running with Vincent

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  1. We walk out into the hall, people start staring. "They um are staring" I mumble to Vincent, turning my head to look at them. They were staring at us, the only vibe I got off the girls and the guys was envy. But not off my little Drake of happiness. "Because we are still holding hands" He chuckles, looking down at our hands that are locked together. "You don't have a girlfriend because she will kill me" I whisper, trying to keep the panic out of my voice. He laughs, "No I don't, but I think any girl will kill you now" He tells me as we walk to my locker. Number 55, next to Drake and Stella. "Hey Drake" "Hey Stella" Vincent and I said at the same time, but I was saying Stella. They were learning on their lockers waiting for someone. "Spark" Stella cried out, pulling me into a hug. I stared blushing, "I just told your friend Stella. Also my best friend Drake" Vincent told me. My heart sinking. Does that mean Drake told Vincent about me? Is that why he called me Impefect Angel? The bell cut of my thoughts "Well I'll see you guys at lunch" I said quickly and dashing away. I could hear their thoughts though
  2. Vincent- She seemed like she was in a rush, I wonder what made her do that? Is it...NO it couldn't be. She didn't find out about Drake & I's deal or the accident did she. Now she doesn't want to be around me? I'll worry later, class now
  3. Stella- Maybe she is a mega nerd and doesn't want us finding out? No too pretty to be a nerd, way too pretty.
  4. Drake- I swear panic came across her face when Stella said Spark and Vincent saying I was his best friend. What does she have to hide? Imperfect angel, never herd of one before. Also she blurted out caring about me but she acts like she hates my guts. Maybe she does. Maybe she was talking about god, yeah maybe. What's she got to hide?
  5. Drake's thoughts were true, I do have something to something to hide. The meromy coming back. Standing on wet ground on earth, my hands stained in red blood. I pull myself back out and keep walking to class.
  6. "I am staving" Stella tells me, as we sit down with Joel and Sam. I sit next to Joel. "I got chicken" I tell them taking a bite, I'll amit Gabe makes everything taste good. "Pasta" Joel and Sam both mumble, staring at Stella's rap. She shakes her head, "no" she says like a stubborn child. I laugh, while Sam and Joel start eatting. Then I hear a distant voices in the room, it sounds like Drake's and Vincent's. "What do you want from her" One of them whispers. "Exucse me, I'll be back. You can eat my food of you want" I say getting up and walking to the voices. I come to an old locker room, under the school. Wait this school was built on a school, so it makes sense. "Nothing why do you say I can't have her" Vincent asks him, I can hear Drake sigh. "Because she's a-" Thn I slip, causing myself to fly down the stairs and land on Drake. "Nice catch Drake" I mumble to him, I get off but making sure it hurts him. He almost told Vincent I was an angel. "Ow" He wines getting up, "Rosella why are you doing down here" Vincent asks, in of in panic. "What are you doing here" I ask back. "Talking, we will go now" Vincent says, it sounds like a line from a movie. But I can't place where I have herd it. They start walking away, well Vincent does. When he is gone I whisper to Drake, "You can't do that" I hit him hard. Banging my head on his shoulder, "you herd. Well I didn't because you landed on me" He pointed it out. Jerk. "Well don't, I will go back to heaven when you let me help you" "I don't need your pity" He snaps back. I laugh and smirk. A wave of confusion is on his face, "Drake, I am the only one who doesn't pity you" I tell him and walk away.
  7. ~Another memory~ "Sky, why am I here" I asked her, letting my brown hair fall into my eyes. She looked confused, her eyes staring into mine. "I don't belong here, I did a terrible thing. I have brown hair and I am not angel. You all have light powers and I have dark powers. So dark. Darker then demons, and another set of powers lighter than angels" I told her. She smiled warmly, pulling me into a hug. "You imperfect and that's okay"
  8. So that's the en of Forced to be with him...4!
  9. Sorry theses are so short
  10. Please comment if you want to that is, feel free to make surgesstions. I am open to idea's though I have a lot in my head

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