Running Free Part 2

This is the second quiz to Running Free... i hope you enjoy this one and if you dont understand what happends in this one just look for the first one

This is the second one, to recap you were in the cafteria with Kai and Amanda after Javier and Stone just left. Hehe and if you want to know what happends..keep reading^^

Created by: kia manson

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  1. TO RECAP: Your name is Sasha Romero, Your 17 years old and live with your 2 servants Javier and Stone. The last place I left you was at the Cafetria with Amanda and Kai (twins).
  2. After the almost unbareable silence Kai finally managed to speak. "So you mean to tell me that you have those huge guys as servants?" The look on his face wanted to make you laugh. You only managed a nodded when you picked up a big chocolate brownie with ice cream in the middle. You starred as happy tears came to the corner of you eye. You quickly put your head down and made a mental reminder to huge Stone when you got home. "So um how are they your servants?" Amanda asked with a slight blush. "Well," YOu sat up striaght a determind look on your face. "I never really thought much of it. Stone and Javier have always been in my life from the time I was 5, and they were 9." Kai just frowned at his no unappitizing country steak while Amanda giggled. "So, do you like them." Instanlty you face went hot as you brought your hands up to wave in protest but the bell had just managed to save you.
  3. You started walking to class, glad that you could breathe, Kai had another class and Amanda to. You slightly smile. "Javier and Stone, there always looking out for me." YOu suddenly stopped as you felt eyes starring at you. You turned around to seee the Popular/Pretty group from lunch. You turn around and square your shoulders. "What do you want?" The blond, green eyed cheerleader starred at you her eyes trying to size you up. You amitted you werent the prettiest girl. You stood taller than most at a height of 5'11, your black raven hair didnt help your deep chocolate brown eyes and sometimes your cheeks had this reddness to it that you hated. "Tell you what you little whorlet I'll forget about what those guys told us if you get on your knees and beg other wise MY boys will due the talking." As she spoke those last words two football players with big muscles came your way.
  4. A sudden deadly calmness settles into your body. You hated this about you. The football players came up walking cracking there knuckles. *Your thought* "They wont be able to even hit me." The cheerleader smirk at you "Not so tough now with out your bodygaurds huh?" Sudenly her faced dropped as fear sank into her eyes. You felt the prescence of something very leathal. You turned around to see Kai's eyes had gone from the hazil eyes turned complete darked almost to a black. Your body tremble. You knew he would never hurt you but this people were just kids. Before you had time to reach the football player had nearly charged at me as Kai had pushed me out of the way in time and still launch his foot into the boys mouth. The other football player had went to hit him on the head but Kai was to fast as he reached behing the football player and sent him flying. His fist clamp down as his voice trembled with rage. "If you stupid ignorant b------s ever try to hurt her again. I wont be nice." "Kai." You reached out to place your hand on arm. "Kai im okay, really I could have dealt with them alone." You had felt his musle ease up from tention as his eyes became filled with laughter again. "Oh, well I didn't know. Haha maybe I thought you were a damisiel in distress. You should be heading to class now." His eyes searching yours as his hand went to tilt your chin. "Don't be getting into more trouble okay." He had lightly brished a kiss on your nose as he turned to find that the popular/Pretty group had already left. You had merily nodded. THe rest of the day went by in a haze clouded into the mystery of Kai. How could he fight so well? I barely managed to keep up with his movements. you jumped when the bell rang. Atleast the first day of school was over.
  5. You had heard your name being called by Amanda. "Oh hey, whats up?" you asked your mind was so full of other distractions. "I was wondering if you wanted to come to the bowling alley with me and Kai, you can bring those to lushes bodies of hunk with you." You paused a moment "Bowling alley, This weekend." Suddenly pain shoot through you. Your hair coverd your eyes as you softly said. "I cant this weekend." Amanda was about to say something until you had seen the black 4 door SVU. "I got to go Amanda im sorry." You said so fast you wondered if she even heard you. "Bye." Amanda had said.
  6. As you opened the door to the SUV Stones eyes instantly meet your. "Hello Miss." "Stop Calling ME That!" You said angrily. The instant you heard your deep angered voice. "I'm so sorry Stone, I didnt mean to snap at you." "Are you feeling well?" The tone of his voice held a slight break. "Im okay i suppose. This weekend is going to be rough I was invited to the bolwing alley." "Would you like to go?" His eyes focused on the road. It felt like nearly an hour before you replied. "My duty is to mother and father. Besides I don't know how to play and after today im not sure if I want you and Javier showing up at a place filled with those at my school." He had caught onto the tone of your voice. "Did they mess with you again?" You would have liked to answer no but you need better. "Yes they had cornered me into a nearly deserted hallway and sent to football players after me. But Kai showed up and knocked there teeth in." suddenly your heart jumped so fast as a small smile erupted from the corners of Stones face. Luckily you were in the drive way because you had raced out of the car and into the house. You immeditly saught out Javier. "Javier!" "Yes Miss Sasha." The puzzled look on his face turned to Stone as he stepped through the door. "Javier he....he...He Smiled!" Javier did a whiplash moment as he saw my face terrorized by the realization. He blinked. "He smiled?"
  7. Javier managed to stop laughing as soon as Stone told him exactly what I had said. "Well now. Maybe we could have them over for tomorrows dinner. What do you say Miss Sasha? May we invite them over?" Javiers tone almost begging. You nearly fell at the idea of having them over. Stone moved behind you as Javier grabed you hand. You sat down on the black felt couch. you sighed. "Only if you two behave. I'll ask them tomorrow at lunch." Javiers smile actually reached his eyes this time. "Good, because Stone and I would like to meet the man who saved you." His eyes suddenly went cold and Stone silently nodded. "Oh Great." You said with a exastberated look. "More trouble."
  8. You finally managed to put the book down as the man acrossed from you held that gaze. "So Miss Romero. What do you make of it?" The mans tone almost plead you for the answer. Your brows scruntched. "I'm not quite certian but when I am you'll now." The man only nodded as Stone and Javier walked him out. Moments laler they returned. You had pasted out, but you had remember the strong arms holding you so closey. You heard "Goodnight Miss Sasha." You didnt move until morning.
  9. When you had finally woken up to the smell of omelts you rushed to get dressed. You ran down stairs to see Stone cooking the omelts the moment you arrived he hand you a plate. "Thank you Stone. I love your omelts." He only nodded as Javier walked in with Rosmary. "Hey boy." You said as the rottwieler wagged his head and licked you. "Yuck." You said as your hand went across your check. "Thank you Javier for walking him." Javier nodded as He grabbed his plate and the set of keys. "Im driving you today if that is alright Miss Sasha." He green eyes hard and cool. You nodded. As you finished gulping down the last of the omelt. You grabbed your bag and headed to the car. You and Javier talked the whole time about the case you were on. "Javier I don't know if i can keep my fathers reputation up. This last file has me concerned." His eyes looked into yours as he parked the SUV into the school parking lot. "Stone and Myself will always be by your side waiting for any and all comands. If you ever need help you know that we will do whatever we can do that is in our power, please believe that Miss Sasha." Tears brimmed your eyes. "Javier." You had only managed out his name before you bolted out of the car and into the school
  10. You had managed to get through your morning classes without Amanda or Kai bugging you. You felt terrible. Around lunch time you had forced the smile and sat with them and talked about tonight. "Hey would you guys like to come for dinner?" You asked half prating they would say no, but to your diappointment they both had answered with a heart felt yes. "See you around 4:30 then." You said as you three went to your next class, you expected the group of coeds to bully you again but somehow, all of them just turned there noses up and left. The rest of the day went by without icident.
  11. You were slow to walk out of the school. "Maybe I can walk home?" You sounded more hopeful than you thought. You had already seen the black suv parked right in front of the school. with a heavy sigh you hoped only to notice Stone's blue glare. "What?" you snapped, "sorry." you said almost instantly "Miss Sasha, if something is wrong you can always tell me?" His voice sounded strong and thick as usual. "I. I am just having a issue with the work thats all. And with Kai and Amanda coming over tonight, and Chief of Police supposed to be meeting me I am just, a wreck." You added with a soft quiver. "Why do you take a nap then? I'll drive us home slowly." You only nodded as you saw him unzip his jacket and handed it to you silently. "Thank," you yawned. "Thank you Stone." you mumbled as you had fastly fallin asleep on the jacket covered in Stone's scent.
  12. You had rushed into your house to change into a skirt and blouse. You stretched your muscles as your ran through of things on your list. "Get through dinner with Amanda and Kai, clean up the house for the Chief of Police, Go to bed, and wake up tomorrow just to go to school." You sighed with a heavy brather "Nothing to diffuclt eh." A slow slime wrapped your lips. You looked at the calendar as a red cicle wrapped around the date of Stember 6th. Your trail of thought was abrutily cut as Stone and Javier waited for your instpection. You couldnt stop looking at both men as the had on a black tuxido that hung to there muscles. "Wow, what happend to the 2 little boys that had pick on me by sticking gum in my hair?" Your eyes still swallowing the sight. Both men were handsome.
  13. The twins had arrived at 4:30 just as promised. Both wore formal wear. Amanda had a blue dress on the really fit her. You could see her eye balls shotting towards both men. Kai was handsome in his Slacks and Jacket. You smile. "Come on in. Javier will serve dinner some." Sit and relax you said your voice sounding far away. She remember as she told Javier and Stone that dinner had to be early because the Chief of Police would be arriving at 6. You breath slowly trying to calm down but you felt faint. You had gone into the room you used as a getway and took deep breathes. "Calm down!" You said screaming at yourself. It was to late you had already gotten dizzy and the door behind you opend you had seen ___.
  14. okay so the last question is basically for whoever you want in the result ^^ well i hope you enjoyed it ^^ tell me who do you like?

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