Running From Life *pt.3*

Well, I'm not giving anything away, other than a Josh Turner song is on tv in this part. Well, I'm not giving anything away, other than a Josh Turner song is on tv in this part. Bye!

I hope you like the quiz! I hope you like the quiz! I hope you like the quiz! I hope you like the quiz! I hope you like the quiz! I hope you like the quiz! (i_luv_lukas, you're gonna like this part!)

Created by: MeIsMe

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  1. Memories. Something you can't get rid of. Good, or bad, you are stuck with them. The memory from my friends, family being tortured just plays itself over, and over in my head. Memories. "Brady!" I yell, happy that he is back. Brady struggles to even talk. I can tell that he is in pain by the way he keeps trying to put his hands to his forehead. "Anna." Brady says, managing me a half-hearted smile. I start walking towards Brady, but Ian comes running infront of me. I look around Ian and see Brady start to fall. Lukas tries to catch him, but he fails. Brady falls ontop of Lukas. I run over to both of them. I help Ian pull Brady up to his feet, trying to ignore him wincing.
  2. I am worried about how hurt he is. "Brady, are you ok?" I ask him, looking deep into his light blue eyes. Brady just stares back, as if he's daring you. "I'm fine." He says, his voice cracking. I start to walk towards Brady, Ian, and Lukas, as Ian suddenly runs infront of me. Brady starts to fall back. Lukas tries to catch him, which he fails. Brady falls onto Lukas. I try to pry Brady off of Lukas, but I can't. I can hear Lukas gasping for air, but I am not strong enough to lift him. Ian helps me lift him off of Lukas. He leads Brady up the stairs, and into his room. Lukas turns to me. He stares into my brown eyes, and moves my blonde bangs out of my face. I stare right back. "Anna," He starts. I walk closer and hug him. "Come on." Lukas says, leading me into the living room. I follow him and sit next to him. He looks at me, and smiles. I swing my legs up under me, and rest my head on his shoulder. "You probably want to know more about me." Lukas tells me. "But, I want you to tell me about yourself first." He continues. "No. You first." I tell him sweetly, trying to make him tell me.
  3. "When I was in fifth grade, my friends tried to make me rob a store. I told them I would, ran around the outside of the store, and sat like that for ten minutes, then the cops showed up. I ran. Apparently my 'friends' called the cops and told them that I robbed a store. Once the cops caught me, they tried to send me to juvy. I ran, walked, and hitch hiked my way here. They were looking for Zack Ponomare, not Lukas Rulax." He smiles at me. Zack Ponomare. I thought Lukas looked familiar. Lukas used to be a jock, popular, and every girl wanted him. He was my friend. When he moved, I was devistated. The popular girls made fun of me, I wouldn't even talk. "Then, I met Brady. He was like a brother to me. He helped me. He knows what happened on the night I 'robbed' the store." Lukas tells me. I know how he feels. My parents were assasinated when I was a year old. I ran away from foster home. From life. My new friends, my new family, were killed by the same demon that killed my parents. "Now, your turn." Lukas says, finally looking up at me. I laugh. "Umm.... There isn't much to say." I tell him. Wow, lieing is automatic now. "My story starts way before fifth grade. When I was a year old, my parents were killed by a demon. I was sent to a foster home. When I was eight, I ran away. I got sent to my uncle's house. Then, the demon came. He tied me up, and made me watch it kill my family, one by one. I ran, and Brady injured the demon. The demon attempted to kill Brady, too. "
  4. Ian walks in, and stares at me for a minute. "Brady wants to talk to you, Anna." Ian says, glaring at Lukas. As I walk up the stairs, I hear them yelling at each other. "Why were you so close to Anna?" Ian asks me. I can tell that he is either jealous, or ticked off. "Well, why were you watching us?" Lukas asks, matter-of-factly. "I wasn't! Brady wanted me to go down here, and get Anna! Quit acting like I was purposley snooping!" Ian yells, obviously angry. I run up the stairs quietly. I can't beleive that Ian just said that to Lukas! I can't even say how mad I am at Ian. I walk into Brady's room, and forget about Ian. "Anna." He says. I can tell that he is feeling better. He has some kind of bandaid wrapped around his forehead. "Hey, Brady." I say. It takes everything for me not to run over and hug him. "Ian said you wanted me?" I ask, allowing myself to walk over to his bed, and sit down.
  5. Brady just smiles. "Um..." He laughs sweetly. "You ok?" I ask him, smiling back. "Do you know how much people ask me that? I'm fine." Is it just me, or does he sound annoyed? "Good. Sorry. Ian probably asks you that every five minutes." I say. 'Probably why Brady wanted Ian to go get me.' I think. "Well, I gotta go. Ian and Lukas were yelling at each other when I came up here." I say, wanting to run down the stairs, and straight to Lukas. I lean down, and give Brady a light hug, before I run down the stairs. I go into the living room, to see that Lukas and Ian had gotten out the nerf guns. I run over and steal Ian's gun and shoot Lukas with it.
  6. Once we're done, I just plop down on the ground. "Hey, Ian," Lukas sasy, motioning over to me. I move, just before Ian and Lukas jump exactly where I was. "Gotcha!" Lukas yells, pinning Ian to the ground. I laugh, and clear my throat. He looks up at me. and Ian pulls Lukas down. Ian runs past me, grabs my hand, and leads me outside. "Thanks." Ian says, blushing. I highly doubt that I'm not blushing back. "No problem." I reply, grinning. "You're pretty fast." He says, searching for words. "Thanks?" I ask, not sure what to say. "I'm sorry I flipped out on Zack." He says, opening his eyes wide, and slapping his left hand over his mouth. "I meant Lukas!" Ian says. I laugh. These are the conversations we have. Awkward conversations about nothing special, or a topic at all. "I already know. Don't worry." I say, smiling. "Ok, good. Wait, Lukas told you?" Ian asks curiously. "Yeah. Is that weird?" I ask him. "Lukas doesn't tell very many people about himself." He says, confused. I must look dumbstruck, because he repats himself. "I heard you, but why did he tell me?" I'm really confused now.
  7. "I don't know. All I know is that we need to porotect you now that he has. His old 'friends' tortured the last girl that he told. So, I don't know." He says, concentrating. I just now realize his earpeice. He seems to be tilting his head towards the side it's on. "Ok, we'll be right there." He whispers. "Come on Anna. Lukas wants to take you hunting." He says to me, painfully. I can tell that he doesn't want me to be away from him in his eyes. He leads me into the woods, and hands me my bow. "Here." He says, pushing a white wire into my hands. "Put this in your ear. If Brady, or me, gets hurt, I'll tell you." Ian says. He turns around and I hear footsteps behind me. I turn around, and see my friend that was tortured by the demon. He whispers my name, and sounds just like the demon did. Then, I realize it. My friends, and family, were the ones whispering my name, not the demon. They were trying to tell me to try to help them. I walk towards him, but he disappears. "Nate.." I whisper. "Hey." I turn around, and hold my bow up, ready to shoot. Lukas puts his hands up, and flicks his black hair out of his eyes. I slowly lower my bow. I walk over to him, and look up at him. "Come on." I say, grabbing his hand, and leading him to a clearing of trees. There is five doe in the middle. I slowly pull my bow up, and shoot one, straight in the heart. Lukas hits one in the leg, and we follow it, until it falls to the ground. I shoot it in the heart, just to make sure. Lukas drags both of the doe back to the house. "Lukas, can I tell you something?" I ask him, rembering Zack. "Yeah." He says, instantly. "I remember Zack. I was his friend. In first grade. The blonde girl with blonde hair, glasses, and braces? Remember her?" I ask, moving my hair out of my eyes. Lukas just nods slowly. "That was me. The girl that other people made fun of, that girl, was me." I say, looking into his light green eyes.
  8. "I remember a girl from fifth grade. She had long blonde hair," He says, moving my dirty blonde hair out of my eyes. "Beautiful brown eyes," He says, looking into my brown eyes. "And, a perfect smile." He says, making me smile. I look up at him, and he pulls me closer. I stare into his green eyes, and he stares into my brown eyes. He kisses me. I am surprised, and jump back. "Sorry. I... wasn't thinking. You are just... I don't know." He says, smiling. I just hug him, and we walk into the house. Lukas says something funny, just as we walk into the kitchen. I start busting up laugghing, until I see Ian in the kitchen. He looks in so much pain. "Hey, dude." Lukas says to Ian. Ian ignores him, grabs my hand, and leads me into the living room. "Why did you let him kiss you?" He demands me. I honestly don't know what to say. I can tell that he is really ticked off. "Because, I don't know. He just... did. We were talking, then, bam! He kissed me. Why?" I asked him, getting angry myself. "I..." His voice cracks and he says something quietly. "What? Tell me. You what?" I ask. I'm mad now. "I thought I love you." He yells. "But, now I don't, because, you don't love me back." A tear almost comes out of his eye, until I go over and hug him. "Anna," He begins. "Shut up!" I yell at him. I hear Lukas walk in, then walk back out. I look up at him, and back away. "You don't think that I even like you? You really don't know me. At all." I say,
  9. Ian is surprised by what I said. "I don't know you? You are 14, your favorite animal is a huskie, you have six siblings, twin sisters, Alex, and Alexia, four brothers, Jordan, Drew, Carl, and Chris, you want to kill that stupid demon for killing your family, you love playing football, and your favorite color is red.Yeah, I don't know you at all." Ian says, staring at my eyes the entire time. Once he is done, he storms out of the room, and Lukas walks in. I lay on the floor, and click the tv on. "Hey." I say, mad at Ian for, I don't know what. "Hi." Lukas says. "I think that Ian hates me now." I say, rolling onto my back to look at him. "How could he hate you?" Lukas asks, laughing. "Because I said that he doesn't know me. And because he thinks that I hate him." I say, turning the tv onto CMT. I know that Lukas loves country music, and Top 20 Countdown is on. Your Man by Josh Turner is on, so Lukas sings it. I laugh. "All I want to be is your man," He sings. "Well, you have some compitition." I say, laughing. He makes me stand up, and dance with him. We both sing the song, but I change the lyrics just a bit to: Your girl, instead of: Your man. Once the song in over, Lukas plops onto the couch and pulls me onto his lap. "I barely know anything about you." He says. "Tell me about you." He says, smiling. "Well, My favorite color is red. My favorite animal is a dog, perferably a huskie. I am 14. I have-had six siblings, the twin girls, Alex, and Alexia, and the boys, Jordan, Drew, Carl, and Chris. I love to play football, and my older brother, Chris, was killed when I was three." I say, almost crying about Chris.
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