Running From Life

I hope you like the quiz! I'm new to gotoquiz and this is my first quiz. Ever. So, it probably is weird, and boring. The begining is really weird, just a warning.

I hope you like the quiz! I'm new to gotoquiz, and this is my first quiz. Ever. So it is probably weird, and boring. The beginning is weird, just a warning.

Created by: MeIsMe

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  1. Running away. From family. From friends. From the ones I love. From life. I feel like such a coward. Running. People doon't even know what goes on inside of my head. What words mean to me. Running away means being a coward. I run into my room. I feel a jolt of pain shoot down my left theigh. I don't want to look down, don't want to see what that.. thing did to my leg. Being a coward.
  2. I let my knees give in to the pain and slide down my bedroom door, slowly, to the ground. I decide to look down. I look at my theigh and look at the ceiling, it burns. "Just kill me already! I have nothing to live for anymore!" I yell to my door. I hear the things claws scraping on the wood. I try to get up, but fail, falling back to the ground, onto my theigh. I scream in pain. "Just open the door and finish me off already!" I yell. The thing says my name. "Anna." I manage to stand up, just long enough to get to my bed, where I finally fall. I hear a scream in the bathroom or the kitchen. Then, my door swings open. A guy with short blonde hair walks in.
  3. "Follow me." He says. I atempt to get up, but fail. "I can't get up." I tell him. He looks at my theigh, places his hand just barely above my tan skin. The pain starts to go away, until it's completely disapeared. I look down, and the gash is gone, in it's place is a small scratch. "How did you do that?" I ask him. He acts like he didn't hear me. "Who are you? What is that thing? Where am I following you too?" I ask him. "I'm a friend." He says. "That was a demon." He tells me, cooly. "Somewhere safe." He finishes.
  4. I walk a little and start to fall asleep. The boy picks me up and carries me. I stare at him for a bit, but end up falling asleep. *2 hours later* I wake up in a room, laying on a big beed, with a blue and red comforter, black pillows, and a black bedstand. I sit up. A boy with black hair that just covers his green eyes walks in. "You're awake! Hey, Brady said that you only have a little scratch from that demon. But that's impossible, unless you're a sheild, which I doubt. But, I'm Lukas." He tells me in pretty much one breath. I try to talk, but can't. "Oh, yeah, you lost your voice, you kept screaming. Can I take a look at that scratch?" He asks me.
  5. I clear my throat and laugh. "You said that I lost my voice? That's weird. I'm talking right now." I tell Lukas, laughing. He turns around and runs away from the room, down the stairs. Running away. Coward. Family. Friends. Life. I try to push the thought out of my mind, but the memories come back. The baseball hame. The demon taking my friend. The demon torturing my family. Me running away. So I didn't get hurt. So I didn't watch them. Being a coward. Running away. "You coming, Anna?" Lukas asks me. I nod my head. He offers me his hand, which I gladly take.
  6. He takes me into a room with white walls, a huge skylight, and a huge sliding glass door. Two boys walk into the kitchen. "Are there any other girls here?" I whisper into Lukas' ear. "Nope. Just you." He whispers back. I smile. "You two talking about me?" A boy that I don't know asks me. "No. But I was gonna ask you something." I tell him, before Lukas says anything. "Who are you?" I ask him. "I'm Ian. That's Brady. You've already met Lukas." Ian tells me. I say hi to Brady. "Is there food here?" I ask Ian. "We hunt for food. Go get dressed and I will take you hunting." Lukas tells me. "I can hunt pretty good. You got a bow and arrow?" I tell Lukas, truthfuly. He walks out of the kitchen, and comes back with a slim black bow.
  7. "Thanks. Lets go." I tell Lukas, walking out of the sliding glass door. I walk a little bit, and ditch Lukas. I hide behind a log, and bring down a doe with my bow and arrows. I shoot a squirell in the nose, and start walking towards the house, dragging the doe behind me. I run into Lukas and walk back to the house with him. I don't see anything in his hands. "You didn't get anything?" I ask him. "Nope. We leave our weapons in a bush back there. I'll wait here. You go put your bow away." Lukas orders me. I run, not making any noise. I find the bush and set my bow down. I sprint to Lukas and jump into him. He falls, and I laugh. "What was that for?" He asks me. "For not putting my bow away." I tell him. "Come on!" I yell as he gets up.
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