Runescape Main God Alignment Quiz 2.0

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Runescape is under the influence of many gods. Now that the Edicts of Guthix are broken, gods have free reign over the land again. Each god has a different philosophy. Which do you identify with most?

This quiz will test you preferences, interests, and innate traits to match you with one of the main gods in Runescape. Subjects ranging from colors, to skills, to philosophies are mentioned. Now, in 2.0, questions are more thoughtful, and alignment is more accurate.

Created by: Jason Wasserman
  1. In terms of concept, theory, and utility (NOT Leveling), which of the following skills do you most prefer?
  2. In a large-scale battle, which combat role are you most likely practicing?
  3. In which of the following locations would you most like to live?
  4. What do you think of demons?
  5. Which of the following culinary specialties of Runescape do you like most?
  6. Why do you fight?
  7. In which of the following schools of magic are you the most adept (Or enjoy the most)?
  8. How do you view religion in Gielinor?
  9. If you saw a mugger attacking an innocent old man, how would you react?
  10. Which form of power truly leads to being able to shape the world how you see fit?

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