What RPW god suits you?

RPW is a god RPG where you live your lives. Kill some mortals, bathe in riches and intellect. So which god of these suit you? I selected 6 major gods.

There are billions of gods, but the main highlight ones are in this quiz. Each of these has great power. The fire god is mos powerful, and god of everything the least.

Created by: kantuno
  1. Comets rain from the sky in poetic beauty. Crumbling earth fragments explode with great firey force. Tidal waves wash the land.
  2. A God's most useful skill is:
  3. The best race is:
  4. GREATLY AFFECTS SCORE: The underworld is for:
  5. Patience amount?
  6. Air,water,earth,fire
  7. How old do you like to look?
  8. im out of Q
  9. im out of Q
  10. Which god do you want to be?

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Quiz topic: What RPW god suits me?