Do you know Runescape?

Most Computer nerds must have heard of RUNESCAPE! Its a good game and its online! More than 1 million people play it! You can explore the lands or fight to your death in Runescape. Its fun!

Do you wan't to know if you know alot about Runescape? Take this quiz to find out! This quiz if for free players and members! RUNESCAPE!!! Its a fun game.

Created by: Cassandra of Quiztime
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  1. Welcome to Runescape! This quiz is for free players. Which armor is the highest?
  2. What runes do you need to warp to Varrok?
  3. Name a quest that is on the quest list:
  4. When you are doing your fishing, mining,woodcutting etc. What can pop up and attack you?
  5. ATTENTION! THIS QUESTION IS SO SIMPLE THAT A NOOB CAN ANSWER IT! Ok, When you finish Tutorial Island where do you end up?
  6. Anyway do you even know what runescape is?!
  7. Is a Dragon Longsword members only?
  8. What ores make a steel bar?
  9. Having Fun? What can you find at the top of the Lumbridge tower, right at the top?
  10. Last Question: Would you like to be a member if your not one?

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Quiz topic: Do I know Runescape?