Which Runescape God are you?

Runescape is one of the world's fastest growin MMORPG in the world. If you are a player or a fan, this will be the ultimate test, what Runescape God do you follow? Guthix, Zamorak, perhaps Saradomin, have fun taking this Runescape Quiz.

If you are Zamorak, you will be full of evil and chaos, you will belive in the power of your physical self. No? Maybe Saradomin, the god of Order and the creator of mankind and many other races of Runescape. Can't pick one of the two, Guthix, god of balance and master of all Gods, finally if you can't decide among these three, you are a lesser god follower, it's okay!

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  1. What is your favorite resource gathering skill?
  2. What is your favorite fighting style?
  3. I'm playing in castle wars, i see a noob, an ancient, a barricader, and an equal level player, I'd go after-
  4. Which minigame is your favorite?
  5. What is your favorite skill out of the below choices?
  6. Do you like doing Quests, if so, why?
  7. Which is the best motto for a person?
  8. If you had 70 summoning and the proper egg, would you hatch a...
  9. What Quest best suits you?
  10. What text do you use most in runescape?

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Quiz topic: Which Runescape God am I?