An ordinary Runescape Quiz

Do you like Runescape? Well, I do. And that's why i created this: a Runescape quiz! Perheps you are a genius? I guess this is your way to find out!!! So, just sit back, relax and tako on the quiz.

So, this is a quiz about Runescape. We want to proof how good you REALLY are! You might be good, you might be bad. But that is not the point, the point is having fun while you play!

Created by: Sweaper006
  1. What's the highest combat level?
  2. Where do you start playing for the first time?
  3. What level are Muggers?
  4. Who or what is the highest leveled monster in the game?
  5. Varrock has a king. What is his name?
  6. Varrock also has a queen what is her name?
  7. Who is the God of Purity?
  8. Who is God of Evil?
  9. Which of these are pets?
  10. There's a mole under Falador Park. What's his name?
  11. According to the legends, Zamorak has a son. What is his name?
  12. Does Varrock have a park?
  13. What type of monster is Nezikchened?
  14. What level is a Black Demon?
  15. WHat do you need to kill a Basilisk?
  16. Where does Evil Bob live?
  17. How many different Kalphites are there in the game?
  18. Where do you find the Animated Armours?
  19. What is "Ham"?
  20. What weapon gives the highest strength bonus?
  21. Who are the Barrows Brothers?
  22. How much is a membership?
  23. Who or what is the RuneScape mascot?
  24. What quest do you need to use the Dragon Sq Shield?
  25. Extreme hard question. The last question btw. How much construction xp do you gain by making a Shield Easel? :)

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