Runescape Warring Quiz

There are tons of clans, and tons of wars in the Runescape society. Runescape is jammed pack with wars, and this quiz will rate how good you are. Good luck on this quiz, and I hope you attempt to try it out.

Try taking this quiz! This might help you improve and you might just have what it takes to be a warlord. Good luck on this quiz, and I hope you attempt to try it out.

Created by: Pyropure
  1. While in a war and the leader tells you to FI, what does FI mean?
  2. When your signing up for a war, what should you do beforehand?
  3. What does DD mean?
  4. What is the equipment set to bring in a war as a meleer?
  5. What is the best set to bring as a meleer
  6. Best mage Equipment?
  7. What is the best spell to use for Wars?
  8. What is a good item to have for mages in their invetorys?
  9. Who are you supposed to pile in the war?
  10. You are getting piled by 2 rangers 5 meleers and 3 mages, what should you do?
  11. What is tanking?
  12. Are mages underpowered in f2p wars?
  13. What is the best way to kill binders on the opposing team?
  14. What are binders?
  15. Your War leaders Dead, what should you do?
  16. If you loose a war, what do you do?
  17. If you win a war, what do you do?
  18. What is a good item warriors should have?
  19. What is the best food to bring to a war?

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