Are You Good at Runescape?

Are you good at runescape? Have you defeated the KBD? Do you have a skill cape? Are you better than ME at runescape? Find out right now if you really are as awsome as you think you are or if you are just and ego inflated Noob! Find out right now!

There are a lot of people that play Runescape, Are you one of the Good ones? Can you beat the Final beast in the Fighting pits with your hands behing your back? Can you sell full dragon without a second thought of hesitation? Are you one of Runescapes Best? Find out right now on my all new Quiz!

Created by: Nicholas
  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. Around what lvl is your main charactor in runescape?
  2. How many quest points do you have?
  3. How much money do you have? (items count)
  4. Do you have a skill cape or are you close?
  5. What is your total lvl?
  6. What lvl was the strongest thing you've killed before?
  7. How many friends do you have on your freinds list?
  8. What is your favorite city to hang out in?
  9. Are you part of a clan?
  10. What is your high armor type?
  11. Why do you play runescape?
  12. Why did you take this Quiz?

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Quiz topic: Am I Good at Runescape?