Royalty Seasons and Love 6

Hey guys! I tried to put pictures of the guys up, but 1. I don't know how. 2. Since i didn't know how, I tried to put it in the results paragraphs and it won't let me, so sorry!

If anyone is good at drawing, I'm maybe gonna hold a contest to see who can draw the guys! I'd love it if anyone wants to take me up on that! Or, if you have cute guy friends, take a picture! Or find me a pic online! Warning: I tried to find pics online, and the ones that I usually saw SUCKED!

Created by: LinxLady

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  1. walk into your room and someone is in there......
  2. It's Linna. She is sitting on your bed. She doesn't look at you as you enter. She keeps her eyes on the wood floor.....
  3. "I never caught your name." she says. She lifts her eyes to meet yours. Her eyes are clear and focused, the turqouise color of the summer sky, but something dark lurks behind them.....
  4. She nods. "I'm sorry I couldn't really talk to you earlier." she apologizes. "Things were a bit.....tense." She giggles nervously, but you only nod. There was somthing strange about her.
  5. "Anyway," she continues, "I hope you like it here. What do you think of the boys?" She smiles at you innocently.
  6. She nods and smiles again, but it seems hollow somehow. "I know them better than anyone." she says and sighs. "And, they've never forgiven me for it, obviously."
  7. She scowls and her eyes turn black, like the deadly night. She hisses and her figers extend and turn into claws. She hisses and shows her teeth, all pointed and sharp like fangs. "You ask too many questions!" she shrieks, with blakc energy swirling around her, giving her a deathly look. "Now, you must die!"
  8. Suddenly, your door swings open and there stand the guys. Linna hisses in delight. "Perfect!" she squeals. "Now you can watch her die!" "No!" Ian screams. He clenches his fist, causing a boulder to appear, hovering in the air before him. he thrusts his hand outward and the boulder crashes into Linna. She roars in rage and tosses the boulder aside, lunging for you. Edward tackles you and holds you safe in his arms while patrick waves his arm forcefully, sending Linna flying back into the wall.
  9. Reis's hands burst into flame and he starts shooting molten rock and balls of fire at Linna, but she dodges them. She yells out a sonic shriek and Reis, Ian, and Patrick fall to the ground. You scream. Edward stands and faces Linna.
  10. Linna gives him an evil, wicked smile. "Hello again Eddie!" she coos. "You broke me before." he says. "you broke all of us. I won't let it happen to ______." Linna snarls. "Don't tell me you have feelings for the girl! She's nothing! You're all nothing!" Edward screams in rage and encloses her in water. She gasps, clawing for air. Edward's eyes are wild and unforgiving. You can see Linna fading, drowning dying.
  11. "Wait!" you yell. Edward turns to look at you, breaking his concentration on Linna. the water falls away from her, and she collapses to her knees and gasps for air. She has returned to her normal self. You concentrate all of your energy on her. She is enveloped in pure light, so bright, you have to look away. Then, the light is gone. And so is Linna.
  12. That's all for now! Sorry, I don't feel like writing anymore. Coment and rate! Watch out for part 7!

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