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Before you can begin your rhetorical analysis of a text, you want to be positive that you understand how an author uses rhetorical appeals in order to persuade a reader to come around to his or her way of thinking. The three rhetorical appeals, ethos, logos, and pathos, are one way to analyze an author's argument.

These terms are most likely brand new to you and they probably sound a little strange. Moreover, keeping them straight is one of the biggest hurdles, so take this quiz to determine how close you are to being a Rhetorical rockstar ready to analyze any text you encounter!

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  1. Which of Aristotle's rhetorical appeals consists of argument from reason?
  2. Which of Aristotle's rhetorical appeals uses emotion such as humor or sympathy to persuade?
  3. Which of Aristotle's rhetorical appeals relies upon the credibility or trustworthiness of the author?
  4. The sentence "The more people use technology, the worse they become at traditional writing" primarily employs which rhetorical appeal to persuade?
  5. Which is an example of pathos?
  6. The statement, "I have been a doctor for over twenty years, and now I worry we're prescribing Adderall to young children too readily," primarily employs which rhetorical appeal?
  7. Which of the following can be considered a pathetic appeal?
  8. True or False: only certain texts like print ads, political cartoons, and commercials can be successfully rhetorically analyzed.
  9. True or False: Rhetorical Appeals always function independently from one another. For example, humor, since it exemplifies pathos, can never contribute to ethos.
  10. The Sentence, "The Surgeon General warns that smoking increases one's risk of cancer, so one should never smoke if they do not want to increase their chances of dying," is an example of which rhetorical appeal?

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