Revolutionary War Quiz

Are you an expert on the Revolutionary War? Take this quiz to find out! Do you know all the battles that took place and the exact dates? This quiz will test your knowledge!

This quiz is filled with multiple choice questions that will test your knowledge of the Revolutionary War for your next class quiz! It is filled with great questions that would be on your test!

Created by: Julia
  1. Who threw the tea in the harbor at the Boston Tea Party?
  2. What is the date that the Declaration of Independence was signed?
  3. Who wrote the Declaration of Independence?
  4. Which one of these is not an act during the revolution?
  5. How many colonies fought in the revolutionary war?
  6. True of False- George Washington was the first President
  7. Which city served as the capital during this time?
  8. What was the name of the man on horseback that announced that the British were coming?
  9. Who was the British king during the revolutionary war?
  10. What was the final battle of the revolutionary war?
  11. Who mad the first American Flag?
  12. When did the revolutionary war begin?
  13. How did the colonists disguise themselves during the Boston Tea Party?
  14. Who had the biggest signature on the Declaration of Independence?
  15. Benjamin Franklin, John Adams, and John Jay negotiated this document between the United States and Great Britain, ended the revolutionary war and recognized American independence.
  16. What type of government did the new country of the United States form?

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