How Much Do You Know About the Revolutionary War

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So... You're supposed to be studying for a test on the Revolutionary War, but instead your surfing the web. Suddenly, you stumble upon this WONDERFUL quiz of mine! You decide to take it, you you can have fun, BUT also study for your test

You think you know the history of one of the bloodiest wars in American history? A story when courageous colonists bravely fought for their freedom? Well, we'll see exactly HOW much you know. If you're a genius... or just a plain dummy.

Created by: Becky
  1. In the winter of 1775, who crossed from Fort Ticonderoga to Boston, Massachusetts to retrieve 59 cannons for the American army?
  2. Who was George Washington's best friend who was from France?
  3. Which tax made the colonists most outraged?
  4. Who made this famous saying? "Give me liberty or give me death!"
  5. What do colonists do in order to show the British how much they disagreed with the tax on tea?
  6. Who were two presidents that were the worst of enemies during the war?
  7. In 1775, who rode nearly 20 miles at midnight to warn his friends the British were plotting an attack?
  8. Who won the Revolutionary war?
  9. What was the Boston Massacre?
  10. Who wrote the Declaration of Independence?

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