Responsible Quiz

Are you responsible enough? Do you need to be more responsible? Find out by doing this quiz about responsibility to see how responsible you are. Being responsible means taking care of yourself in a good way. Weather its handing in stuff on time or organizing your things!

Do you want to find out how responsible you are. Well this is the perfect quiz to do! it involves several questions about responsibilities. Find out how responsible you are by doing the quiz!

Created by: Santino Di Leone
  1. You should not bring any textbooks to classes.
  2. You should bring writing utensils to classes
  3. It is okay if you do not hand in assignments on time
  4. You should talk to strangers on the internet and meet up with them
  5. Smoking is good for you
  6. Doing your homework in time is good
  7. Doing activities about what you learned will help you
  8. Eating candy everyday is good for you
  9. You should sleep for at least 3 hours
  10. Listening to your teacher helps you understand more about the certain subject she/he teaches
  11. You should sleep in class
  12. Not reviewing what you learned will give you 100% on a quiz
  13. Doing drugs is good
  14. You should not use you phones in class
  15. Being responsible will help you in life

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