Responsability Quiz

There are many responsible people, but few who are as responsible as you. Are you responsible? Do You think you are? You should take this quiz!!.....Please

Are YOU Responsible? Do you have the responsibility to qualify for the national responsibility Olympics? If you think so, then you should take this quiz.

Created by: Kira
  1. Do you come to school prepared every day?
  2. Do you arrive at school on time?
  3. Do you take notes in class and review them at least once a week?
  4. Do you study for tests?
  5. Do you ask for help in class when you need it?
  6. Do you get a good nights sleep?
  7. Do you take drugs/alcohol?
  8. Do you brush your teeth every morning?
  9. Are you hygenic in general?
  10. Is your time managed wisely?
  11. Is there a plan for you future? (job, school, etc.)
  12. Do you eat healthy?
  13. Do you pay attention is class?
  14. Do you get to class on time?
  15. Do you ever skip school if there is a test that day?

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