There are many responsible people, but only a few are TRULY responsible.Do you think you are responsible? This quiz tests you, and sees if you are responsible.

Do YOU qualify to be responsible? This quiz tests your limits, and sees if you are REALLY responsible. Do you think you are responsible? I really ask that question too much don't i.

Created by: Dan
  1. Is eating healthy foods good for you?
  2. Is maintaining a regular sleep cycle beneficial for your health?
  3. Is exercising regularly good for you?
  4. Are you doing drugs?
  5. Are you making at least one meal per week?
  6. Are chips a healthy snack?
  7. Do you do your homework on time?
  8. Do you respect the teacher?
  9. Do you disrespect your friends?
  10. Do you drink energy drinks?
  11. Do you eat fast food often?
  12. Is it safe to talk to strangers?
  13. Do you drink and drive?
  14. How long should you exercise every day?
  15. Is it good to smoke?

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