How responsible are you?

If you have problems knowing how responsible you are you can check this small quiz so you have a better idea of you being responsible and see if you are as responsible as you think.

Responsibility is being in duty for a decision and accountable for any actions you do. So see if you can now account on yourself to be honest to see the answer!

Created by: NoName
  1. Are you able to actually cook your own meal and eat without throwing up?
  2. Do you procrastinate when you don’t like a certain project?
  3. Have you given up a ‘want’ so other people live better/happier? (such as not pranking him/her)
  4. Did you make a favor to yourself by avoiding doing something addictive? (ex:stopped playing video games)
  5. You believe every action you do has a consequences?
  6. Most times you come to class you are prepared with the tools you need?
  7. Do you do work without someone or something telling you to do it?
  8. Can you organize your workplace/home even further if you tried?
  9. If you had to would you give 30+ minutes of your free time for an assignment?
  10. Can you manage your own time wisely/efficiently?
  11. You have an idea for your plan in the future (at least a vague idea)?
  12. You know what you love to do.
  13. Have you failed in LOTS of tasks in your life?
  14. Most of the time you make sure you learn by yourself.
  15. If you don’t know something do you ask?
  16. Do you know where is your own stuff(keys,address,phone number)?

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Quiz topic: How responsible am I?